Directions (EP)

Directions (EP)

Directions is the debut EP from Brighton's fresh and exciting Metallic Skacore band, Once Over. It was a well-received evolution from their earlier album 'In An Ideal World...', with more emphasis on hook-laden guitar riffs and an obvious non-stopping energy throughout. Big Cheese Magazine wrote that it was "quite an accomplishment to sound this aggressive and melodic" and that this CD should have Capdown - probably the most famous UK Skacore band - "quaking in their boots".

Directions has received many excellent reviews from both the mainstream and underground press. Kerrang! magazine gave it 4/5 Ks and Metal Hammer claimed that Once Over "have the ability and youthful enthusiasm to take things to the next level"

Track listing

  1. "Hidden Process" - 2:12
  2. "Directions" - 3:24
  3. "Unbeing Dead" - 2:58
  4. "Tracking Lives" - 3:39
  5. "We Will Get There" - 3:49


  • Ed Thomas - Vocals
  • Chris Edkins - Guitar
  • Liam Ball - Bass
  • Tom Sugg - Tenor Saxophone/Vocals
  • Ben Melmoth - Trumpet/Vocals
  • Chris Evans - Drums

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