Diocese of Rome

Diocese of Rome

The Diocese of Rome (Latin: Diœcesis Urbis or Diœcesis Romana, Italian: Diocesi di Roma), otherwise known as the Holy See, the Apostolic See, the Holy Roman Church, the Church of Rome, or the See of Peter, is a diocese of the Catholic Church, in Italy. By some it is called the Patriarchate of Rome. The diocese is the seat of the bishop of Rome, also known as the Pope, who is the Supreme Pontiff and chief of the Catholic Church. Established in the First Century, the current pope is Pope Benedict XVI, who acceded after the death of Pope John Paul II, in March of 2005.

The bishop

The bishop of the Diocese of Rome has, first of all, the simple title of Bishop of Rome because all other his titles descends from this condition that qualificates him as the successor of Saint Peter in Rome. From this he has a plethora of titles:

The diocese

The territory of the diocese extends all over the Vatican City State and the city of Rome, capital of the Italian Republic. The two parts of the diocese are then administrated by two vicars of the Pope and named as:

The diocese covers a territory of 881 square kilometers containing 341 parishes, 337 of which are active. There are 336 for the city of Rome and one, St. Anne's Parish, for Vatican City. The diocese has 238 cardinal clerics, and an additional 1187 "Roman" clerics. In 2004, they pastored an estimated 2,454,000 faithful, who made up 88% of the population of the territory.

List of suffragans

Six of the dioceses of the Roman Province have the title of suburbicarians, from the Latin sub-urbis, with the significate of "subject to the city [of Rome]". Each suburbicarian diocese has a Cardinal Bishop at its head.

There remains the titular Suburicarian See of Ostia, which is held by the Cardinal Bishop elected to be the Dean of the College of Cardinals, in addition to his previous Suburicarian See. The Diocese of Ostia was merged with the Diocese of Rome in 1914, and is now administered by the Vicar General for Rome.

Otherwise there are other dioceses connected with the Metropolitan of Rome. They are churches directly subjected to the Holy See:


For a list of Popes, please see: List of Popes.


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