Dingwall, Nova Scotia

Dingwall, Nova Scotia

Dingwall is a community on Cape Breton Island in Victoria County Nova Scotia on the Quarry Road off the Cabot Trail 84.68 kilometers from Baddeck.The federal Electoral Riding is Sydney—Victoria.

Dingwall is a fishing community, the majority of industry is tourism. Dingwall has one resort called the Markland Coastal Resort, which is a popular tourist destination every summer. Dingwall was originally called Youngs Cove but was renamed dingwall after a local postmaster. Dingwall was also home to a gypsum Quarry in the 40s and 50s but after that shut down many residents moved elsewhere to find employment which was a blow to the local ecomomy. Dingwall used to have an elementary school but it was closed in 2000 when a new school North Highlands was built and two schools, Highland Consolidated and Dingwall Elementary merged together.

Dingwall has a beautiful landscape, it is surrounded by mountains and has a spectacular view of the ocean. There are many seasonal residents who come to dingwall during the summer and leave during the winter.



  • Total Population 606
  • Total Dwellings 303
  • Total Land Area 85.3175 Km²

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