Dimity is a lightweight, sheer cotton fabric having at least two warp threads thrown into relief to form fine cords. It is a cloth commonly employed for bed upholstery and curtains, and usually white, though sometimes a pattern is printed on it in colors. It is stout in texture, and woven in raised patterns. Originally dimity was made of silk or wool, but since the 18th century it has been woven almost exclusively of cotton.


Dimity is also a fairly uncommon girls' name, which seems to be most prevalent in Australia and New Zealand.

Article of Clothing

A dimity was a bit of draping worn by performers of the Poses Plastiques, which was an early form of strip tease. Performers wore flesh colored silk body stockings and a dimity to give the illusion of modesty.


W.S.Gilbert, in The Pirates of Penzance: (Quote) Prey observe the magnanimity we display to lace and DIMITY, never was such opportunity to be marriedwith impunity., etc.

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