Dimitar Nenov

Dimitar Nenov (Димитър Ненов), (December 19, 1901 in RazgradAugust 30, 1953 in Sofia) was a Bulgarian classical pianist, composer, music pedagogue and architect. He studied music and architecture in Dresden, and was a piano professor at the Sofia Conservatoire. There, he taught piano to noted Bulgarian pianists Genko Genov, Svetla Protich, Lazar Nikolov, Trifon Silyanovski, and many others.

At the end of World War II, a communist regime was installed in Bulgaria on September 9, 1944. These were tough times for Bulgarian culture. At the time, Prof. Nenov got fired abruptly from the Conservatoire, due to allegations that he "performed compositions by 'Nazi' composer Wagner, for the piano". Following a strong public outcry (and after proving the obvious: Wagner never wrote any music for the piano), he was quickly restored back to his position.

When Prof. Nenov was already very sick and dying (in 1953), one of his communist enemies became director of the Bulgarian National Radio, and ordered all of Prof. Nenov's musical recordings to be erased and destroyed. Because of this crime that remained unpunished, only one authetic recording remains available today- saved by the Hungarian National Radio.

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