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E. San Juan, Jr.

E. San Juan, Jr. is a Filipino cultural critic and public intellectual. His works span a broad spectrum of fields and disciplines, from cultural studies, comparative literary scholarship, ethnic and racial studies, postcolonial theory, semiotics to philosophical inquiries in historical materialism.

He applies a Gramscian approach and a critical Marxist optic on cultural events and texts in the Philippine historical process of national liberation. San Juan is also notable for being the first Filipino male intellectual to have engaged with feminist discourse in his "Filipina Insurgency: Writing Against Patriarchy" (Giraffe Books, 1999).


San Juan was born in Manila, Philippines, on 29 December 1938. He received his B.A., magna cum laude, from the University of the Philippines, and his A.M. and Ph. D. from Harvard University. He has taught in various universities in the United States, among them University of California (Davis); University of Connecticut, Storrs; Brooklyn College of the City University of New York; and Bowling Green State University. He served as chair of the Department of Comparative American Cultures, Washington State University, Pullman, from 1998 to 2001. He was visiting professor at the University of Trento, Italy, and at Tamkang University, Taiwan. He assumed directorship of the Philippines Cultural Studies Center in Connecticut on 2001.

From 2001 to the present, San Juan has lectured abroad as Fulbright professor of American Studies at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium, lecturer at the Hogeschool in Antwerp, Belgium; visiting professor of literature at National Tsing Hua University in Hsinchu, Taiwan; and resident fellow at the Rockefeller Foundation Center in Bellagio, Italy. He has won numerous awards, among them the MELUS Best Essay Award, Gustavus Myers Center Award, and Centennial Award for Literature, Cultural Center of the Philippines.


San Juan contributed the entry for "Ethnicity" in volume 2 of Historisch-Kritisches Worterbuch des Marxismus edited by Wolfgang Fritz Haug (Berlin and Hamburg: Argument, 1997). His essays, translated into German, French, Italian, Chinese, and other languages, have been published in Das Argument, Marxismo Oggi, Chung-Wai Literary Monthly (Taiwan), L'Homme et la Societe, Weg und Ziel, Contemporary Monthly(Taiwan), and other venues. His groundbreaking essay, "Surrealism and Revolution," was translated into French and published by Professor Henri Behar of the Sorbonne in the online Web His poems in Filipino have been translated into Russian, Chinese, Italian, German, and other languages.

He edited the first collection of Georg Lukacs' essays in English translation, "Marxism and Human Liberation" (New York, 1972), which contributed significantly to the renaissance of Marxist thought in North America during the height of the civil rights struggles and the anti-war movement. Among his most recent books are: "Beyond Postcolonial Theory" (Palgrave), "Racism and Cultural Studies" (Duke University Press), and "Working through the Contradictions" (Bucknell U Press). His recent books of poems and essays in Filipino are: "Alay sa Paglikha ng Bukang-Liwayway" (Ateneo U Press); "Himagsik" (De La Salle U Press); and "Sapagkat Iniibig Kita at iba pang tula"' (U of the Philippines Press).

Forthcoming works are a revised edition of "Rizal In Our Time"; two collections of essays, "Balikbayang Singa: An E. San Juan Reader" (Ateneo U Press), and "From Globalization to National Liberation" (U of the Philippines Press); and a new collection of poems, "Salud Algabre at iba pang tula".

Translation and other

Two significant contributions of San Juan to Philippine culture and literature are his translation into English of selected poems by Amado Hernández; and the re-discovery of Carlos Bulosan's writings, evidenced in his numerous anthologies of Bulosan's works; and his critical essays on Hernandez in "The Radical Tradition in Philippine Literature,"" ""Toward A People's Literature,"" "" Writing and National Liberation,"" "" The Philippine Temptation,"" ""After Postcolonialilsm,"" ""Hegemony and Strategies of Transgression,"" and "Only by Struggle".

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