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List of CyberChase characters

This is a list of characters that have appeared on the PBS Kids GO! series Cyberchase.

Major Protagonists


Motherboard (voiced by Kristina Nicoll) is the benevolent ruler of Cyberspace and lives in the cybersite Control Central. Her former assistant was Hacker who put a virus in her, but because her firewall was fully uploaded before the virus hit, she was only left weak. Dr. Marbles, Matt, Jackie, and Inez and, Digit try to recover the Encryptor Chip and keep Motherboard safe from Hacker. In another episode, the Encryptor Chip is destroyed.

Dr. Marbles

Dr. Marbles (voiced by Richard Binsley,) is the brilliant inventor who services Motherboard. He's full of ideas, as the lightbulb on his head suggests. His speech is peppered with computer terms, like "Backspace!" instead of "Hold on, there a minute!" He's seen in episodes: 101, 102, 109, 110, 111, 113, 120, 121, 201, 205, 304, 309, and 310. In 304, he doesn't talk.


  • Matt (voiced by Jacqueline Pillon) is an 11-year-old white American farm boy. He likes skateboards and collecting things (his backpack is usually full of miscellaneous items). He is impulsive, tells jokes, swims, and knows a lot about mythology and Star Wars. According to "Penguin Tears", Jackie mentions that Matt is impatient. His dog's name is Obi-Wan Kadoggie (a reference to Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars). He also has pet lizards and frogs. He's best at solving a problem when he can hold it in his hands. Playing with a yo-yo also helps him when he's thinking. He often calls Inez by the nickname "Nezzie" which encourages her to call him by his full name "Matthew" in retaliation, which he doesn't seem to like. He can sometimes be a little too complacent.


  • Inez (voiced by Annick Obonsawin) is a 9-year-old Hispanic-American girl and is well-known for her excellent vocabulary, which Matt often teases her for. Her most common catchphrases are "This is not good; this is not good at all!" when something bad happens, and "Don't call me Nezzie!" when Matt calls her that. Inez often acts as a buffer in the Cybersquad since she knows how to compromise and mediate when there is a disagreement. She stands on her head to think better. It is suggested that she has a soft spot for Slider, who has called her "Nezzie" without annoying her in episode 310. When Matt asked why, she replied that Slider is "different", but did not explain why. She's very congruent to Scooby Doo's Velma Dinkley

One of the notable instances of Inez standing on her head is in this quote:

Digit: Do you really think better that way?
Inez: Which way?


  • Jackie (voiced by Novie Edwards) is an 11-year-old African-American girl who lives in the suburbs with her grandmother. Her favorite activities include gymnastics, double dutch skipping, drawing and writing plays about herself. Her sense of neatness and organization often helps the kids solve their problems faster. Her biggest pet peeve is slimey/icky stuff like bugs and many other "Gross" things. When ever something gross is even near her she responds by screaming "Ew, Ew, and Double Ew!. Whenever she needs to think, she paces. Like Inez she's very fond of Slider, which makes Matt very jealous. In a running gag, Jackie sometimes overreacts when they are in a crisis. This encourages Matt to taunt her by making an Academy Awards-like "Award goes to" comment. For example:

Jackie: Cyberspace is doomed, doomed, doomed I tell you, DOOOOO-HOO-HOO-HOO-HOO-HOO-HOO-OOMED!!!
Matt: And the award for best dramatic outburst of the day goes to...Jackie!


  • Digit is a bird-like Cyborg and is voiced by Gilbert Gottfried. His full name is Digit LeBoid. He and the kids protect Cyberspace and Motherboard from Hacker. Digit was created by Hacker and worked for him, along with Buzz and Delete. He escaped after learning of Hacker's evil doings. He became one of Motherboard's helpers and joined the Cybersqaud. Digit can fly but has a fear of heights. He prefers to walk. He's a great cook (he didn't go to cooking school for nothing) and author of 'The Cyber Chef' and carries many objects in his chest, including Widget (also voiced by Gilbert Gottfried). He used to try making virtual nests and didn't have such accurate practice. He's seen in all episodes except episode #107 but was mentioned once in that episode. He also can disguise his voice very well.


  • Widget is a small likeness of Digit, also voiced by Gilbert Gottfried. His hat, tail feathers, and bowtie are not screwed on properly. He's seen in episodes: 124, 206, 308, and 504.



  • Hacker is a villain in the series, whose deep voice is done by Christopher Lloyd. In almost every episode he is trying to conquer Cyberspace, but is thwarted each time by the Cybersquad. He resembles Elvis Presley, a fact he appears to be aware of, but is green-faced, no hair (he wears a black wig) and has a pointy chin of which he is vain. He also wears a bicolored cape. Occasionally, working too hard to take over Cyberspace can sometimes make his skin very pale or his chin saggy. He always prefers to be called "The Hacker". He was created by Dr. Marbles to assist Motherboard, but he rebelled and was exiled to a Cybersite called the Northern Frontier. Nevertheless, he does have potential to become good again, as shown in one of the episodes where he became a peaceful artist (temporarly). He has two cyborg lackeys, Buzz and Delete. He travels in his large spaceship, the Grim Wreaker (parody of The Grim Reaper). He also gets very nervous around ghosts and spiders.


  • Buzz is one sidekicks of Hacker who is a small round cyborg with a large mouth and scrawny limbs, but he seems to think he's a big tough guy but however can be kind at times. Buzz's friend Delete calls him Buzzy and Buzz's favorite food is donuts. He's a bit smarter than Delete. During seasons one through four and for four episodes in Season 5, Buzz was voiced by Len Carlson. Beginning in Season 5, actor Phil Williams became the voice of Buzz because Len Carlson died from a heart attack as of January 26, 2006. The episode "EcoHaven Ooze" was dedicated to Carlson.


  • Delete is one sidekicks of Hacker who is voiced by Robert Tinkler. Delete is taller, skinnier, and younger than Buzz, and has a snout like a dog. In some episodes, he has proven to be an ally to the Cybersquad, including episode 505. Delete's best friend and cohort is Buzz, who calls him "Dee Dee." Delete also loves animals of all kinds, especially bunnies. In episodes: 112, 302, 304, and 505, he says, "I wish I had a bunny. I would love him, and keep him, and call him George!" a quote from the Abominable Snowman character from the Looney Tunes short, The Abominable Snow Rabbit (which, in turn, is based on the character of Lenny from John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men). In episode 505, when his "fairy borg father" Zanko pays him a visit, Delete finally gets his very own bunny named George and even invents a new toy: a bunny copter. Delete has a bit of a soft spot to the Cybersquad and is very kind natured.


  • Wicked is a villain that appears in many adventures. Wicked lived in Happily Ever After and often tries to convince Hacker to become her partner. Hacker has several times reluctantly hired or even courted her, but always jilts her. In return, Wicked either casts a spell on him or wrecks his evildoing plans and is voiced by Linda Ballantyne. She's seen in episodes: 108, 109, 122, 201, 203, 211, 309, 310, 311, 407, 409, 501, 503, 510, and 603.


  • Baskerville is a hunchback dog-like cyborg with a British accent who has often been called up by Hacker to assist in his evil schemes. Of course, Buzz and Delete don't like him very much, especially when he takes over their daily jobs such as: giving Hacker some tea, ironing his cape, etc. He is also known to work cheap. He's seen in episodes: 112, 407 and 504. He is voiced by Juan Chorian.


  • Warren is a genie who wants to rule Cyberspace and his full name is Warren Plotnick. His mother is a lunch lady from Nowhere who grounded him for ten more years after his last evil rampage. He's tough and intimidating when alone, but when his mother shows up, he's rather wimpy and overly-obedient. He was also Hacker's idol, but despite that, after their first encounter, they're never happy to see each other through out the series. He was seen in episodes 120, 205, 309 and 310. He lives in a bottle in Nowhere but shows up in other cybersites. Digit can sound like his mother.


  • Scratch is a bird-cyborg like Digit seen in episode #509 and not in any other. He assists the Hacker and is very mean. He has a very sharp beak and doesn't speak.

Hacker's Other Assistants


  • Unknown was hired by Hacker to help drain the pond in EcoHaven in episode #504. She appears to be a mechanic.


  • Cyclops was first seen giving Hacker a message in episode #409. He was later hired to help drain the pond in Ecohaven in episode #504.


  • Another cyborg was seen helping Hacker in episode #504. This cyborg appears to enjoy doughnuts as much as Buzz and eats with a hole in his head covered by a lid.

Characters in other cybersites



  • Binary is the gatekeeper and mermaid of Aquari-Yum. She has long reddish pinkish purplish hair and is green. She has a yellow shirt, a blue hat and purple lips. She's seen in episode #116.


  • Icky is a large gastropod resembling a slug. He absorbs energy directly from his surroundings, understands several languages, and communicates through patterns of electric buzzes. If he doesn't absorb the natural energy of Aquari-yum, the site boils over. Besides, he needs to feed on energy to survive, otherwise he'd shrivel up to nothing. He can also camouflage himself. He's seen in episodes: 116, 123 and 402. In 123 he doesn't buzz.

Manny the Medium

  • Manny the Medium is a lazy cyber-manatee that usually sleeps and knows all. He's seen in episode #402 and voiced by Harvey Atkin.

The Crab Prince

  • The Crab Prince of the kingdom is a crab that helps people and begins to be a prince in The Grapes of Plath, Episode #306. He helps Icky the slug keep his energy pod in episode #402. Also, since he's the prince, it's his job to keep Icky's secret hideaway a secret.


The Sams

  • The Sams are a two-headed creature that often helped the Cybersquad. He appears in the episode where the Cybersquad need new fuel for Motherboard when her system blows up. He also appeared in the first Castleblanca episode as music players and are in episodes 102, 114 and 115.

Erica Ram

  • Erica Ram is from on a TV show and fell in love with Hacker during the episode The Halloween Howl. Erica gives interviews to people because she is at Cyberscoop. She's seen in episodes 211, 310, 312, 407 and 501.


  • Gnome is in all kinds of castles. Sometimes he won't let people pass without his permission. He is a mean little guy who prefers people keeping their speeches short. He's seen in episodes: 102, and 114.

Mayor Wolfman

  • Mayor Wolfman is the mayor of Castleblanca. He does not like anybody to take over his castle but Hacker has done it to him and he found the mayor's secret's (gargoyles). He has a blue or black nose. In his castle there is a trap also in his main room. He's seen in episode #501.

The Cybrary

Ms. Fileshare

  • Ms. Fileshare the head cybrarian of the Cybrary is voiced by Jasmine Guy. She has high standards, and six arms, and once she makes a decision she is inflexible. She's seen in episodes 210 and 308.



  • Fluff is a penguin that plays hockey, which is hard in Cyberia. He tries to think very hard. He's seen in episodes: 403, and 602.


  • Coach is a penguin who teaches the kids and penguins how to play ice hockey. He monitors the players' moves to show what works and what doesn't. He's only seen in episode #403.


  • Ice is known as one of the best players of penguin hockey. She is able to hit the pole every time, by shooting at a special "aiming spot". She's seen in episode #403, but doesn't talk.


Shari Spotter

  • Shari Spotter is a young wizard/witch-like girl who uses her special powers to protect her school, Frogsnorts Sorcerer's Academy (a reference to Hogwarts). Shari wears perfectly round and red specs for glasses but in most parts her red specs are purple, apeared in episodes 311, 401, and 601. She has a crush on Matt, and in 601, she doesn't talk. She is voiced by Julie Lemieux.

Professor Stumblesnore

  • Professor Stumblesnore is the headmaster of Frogsnorts and seen in episode #s 311 and 401.


Mister Zero

  • Mister Zero is the king of 0 in all of cyberspace and he lives in Gollywood and leaves temporarily because Hacker was sending him hateful anonymous letters. He only showed up in episode #303.


King Dudicus

  • King Dudicus is the fictional head of Radopolis, an extreme sports cybersite. He often uses slang. In the episode Totally Rad, The Hacker attempts to dethrone the King. The king decides to resolve the problem as is customary in Radopolis: by a skate-off contest.


  • Slider is a James Dean-style 13-year-old skateboarder in Radopolis who builds and repairs skateboards and bikes. Since season three, he has been a recurring character in the series. According to Slider, his father Coop had abandoned him when he was younger because The Hacker had hunted Coop for many years. Throughout the remainder of the series, Jackie and Inez seem to have a crush on him, which often makes Matt very jealous. Slider is voiced by Tim Hamaguchi and was in: 302, 309, 310, 404, 405, 408, 502, 601, and 606 but in 601, he doesn't talk.


  • Coop (voiced by legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk) is the father of Slider. For several years, The Hacker has hunted Coop in order to find his transformation machine. Although Coop refused to hand it over, The Hacker, in revenge, infected him with a dose of magnetite which prematurely aged him. Since then, he hid from Hacker, leaving Slider to fend on his own. Then Coop was reunited with Slider in episode #405. He was also found 502 but he does not look like he was in 405 (probably because he made a cure for the magnetite, hence the line, "Slider and I are going home to whip up another cure) and does not talk in 502.

R-Fair City


  • Lucky is the manager of R-Fair City and speaks with a Brooklyn accent. She often gives offers to visitors a fair game of chance. She is found in episode #'s 103, 119 and 208 but in 208 she doesn't talk. Lucky is voiced by Linda Kash.


  • Favorite Color: Brown

Grubby is a guy who lives at R-Fair-City. He's very funny but does not seem to like to bathe and wears a garbage can for clothing. He runs a game stand at R-Fair City called "Grubby's Whacky Worms". It's a game with four different chances of winning, you pick a worm, you win a hat, but you have to close your eyes while pulling out a worm from the sack. Each worm has four different colors: brown, orange, chartreuse, and puce.

Cy Clone

Cy Clone is a cowboy-looking "clone" catcher who catches clones wreaking havoc. He appeared only in episode #119, when he was asked by Lucky and the Cybersquad to capture a handful of "Delete" clones bumbling around in R-Fair City.


Glowla is a bird-like cyborg who looks similar to Digit and is only seen in episode #208. She's a famous performer who loves animals so made Spout and is voiced by Stephanie Morgenstern.


Spout is Glowla's helper for performance. Made by Glowla herself, he is a cyberwhale who does not talk. Spout debuts in episode #208.

Sensible Flats

Judge Trudy and Sheriff Judy

Judge Trudy and Sheriff Judy are the leaders of the Sensible Flats. They are often seen together, usually investigating criminals, the most noteworthy being Hacker. They are seen in episodes: 105, 117, and 601.


Rudy is the cousin of Trudy and Judy who manages the Sensible Flats reservior. He plays the harmonica, and keeps records of the water supply in town. He's seen in episode #117


Deke is an old hermit who lives by Lost Lake that feeds the Sensible Flats reservoir. It's very ironic that neither Trudy, Judy nor Rudy have heard of him. During especially dry times, he and the fish will do a rain dance in attempt to bring the rain and is seen in episode #117.


Wanda (voiced by legendary mathemetician Danica McKellar) is Wicked's magic wand who is very smart. Wicked says what to do and she does it. She's seen in every episode Wicked appears in, but is only anthropomorphized in episode #503.



Shah is the ruler of Pompadouria. Briefly made a pawn of by the Hacker, who tried to exchange the Wicked Witch for the Shah's absent daughter. Shah is a Persian word for monarch.

Mount Olympus


Zeus is a stereotypic version of his mythological namesake and is ruler of Mount Olympus. He's seen in episodes 106, 121 and 126.


Master Pi

Master Pi (voiced by Geoffrey Holder) is the reigning leader of Shangri-La and is dressed in a blue robe and holds a rod with a ball with the symbol Pi. Master Pi can move around by simply appearing and disappearing. He often gives words of wisdom and prosperity. Also, he only accommodates those who understand the rules of politeness. Hacker sometimes nicknames him Pi face.



AVA is in charge of cybersite Symmetria and knows all secrets of symmetry. She gets help from Dr. Marbles and thanks him by making miniature robots that resemble him.

Tomb of Rom


Binky is a smart-mouthed, anthropomorphic cat who attends the Mummy's Tomb. She's often impatient, but proves an ally to the Cybersquad. She is also very aggrivating to Hacker. Binky is voiced by Bebe Neuwirth. She's seen in episodes 109, 207, 306, and 309. In 306 and 309, she doesn't talk.


Mummsy is the leader of this cybersite and seen in episode 109, 207, 309, and 407. In 309, he doesn't talk.



Olli is the head manager who gives visitors tours of his cybersite, Solaria. He drives a mobile all around Solaria. He gets very nervous. He's found in episodes 104, 121, and 202 but doesn't talk in 121. He's a wild sports nut.



Creech is the young princess-like ruler in the Cybersite, Tikiville. She became the apparent Big Kahuna (the term for their rulers in Tikiville) after competing in a race with other Tikiville-inhabitants as well as Hacker. Creech had mentioned that her first run for the crown was disastrous since she failed to go to the correct direction. Creech is in some ways similar to Inez, and those ways helped the two to become friends easily. Both have a fairly similar outlook, which is optimistic until something goes completely wrong, and they both have a large vocabulary, which, in Inez's case, causes her to be made fun of. She also is the person in charge of Tikiville's Egg of Benedicta. She's found in episodes 305, 410, 505, and 601. In 505 and 601 she does not talk. She's voiced by Stephanie Beard.



Deci helps around in Thornia and loves decimals so much that he lives by them. He wears an outfit resembling that of a military officer's and is very efficient at his job.

Topsy-Turvy Island


Zanko is Delete's fairy borg father and was seen in episode #505. Zanko appears to Delete when he is having a bad day and grants him nine wishes. He chews bubble gum and keeps a stash of it in his chest compartment, can fly, and grants wishes using his magic ladle.


Rourke is a fairy borg agent from the Fairy Borg Father Eligibility Department in episode 505. It's his job to pay an applicant a visit and inform them if they are qualified for the Fairy Borg Father program or not.

The Black Hole


Blenny owns his own black hole and he is only seen in episode 310. He always maintains the first rule of business: no money, no disposal. In 503 we see the cybersite but not him.


No. 1

No. 1 is a podling seen in episode 107.

Happily Ever After

The King

The King of Happily Ever After is a fictional fairy tale character, in some episodes, he cries when he hears something bad. Digit nicknames him Kingy.

Recurring characters (minor)

Sam Vander Rom

Sam Vander Rom is a robotic reporter featured in the show's second season, voiced by The Today Show weatherman, Al Roker. In his first appearance in the episode True Colors, Sam acts as a moderator during an election between Motherboard and Hacker. Sam is seen in episodes: 204, 208 and 211.

Jackie's Mother

Jackie's Mother was only seen in episode 206.

For Real segment characters

Bianca DeGroat

Bianca DeGroat is one of the three people who are the main protagonists in the "For Real" segment of the series. She is a smart, clever woman, who often uses the original plot (the animated main plot) to solve everyday real world problems. She owns a dog named Mojo and hates anchovies. As a character, she is rather absent-minded and arrogant, and does not think before she acts. As a result, she often panics or over-reacts to crises, like Jackie. In one episode, she was seen driving a green VW Beetle.

Harry Wilson

Harry Wilson is another protagonist in the "For Real" segment. He often dresses in a nerdish style and wears horn-rimmed glasses and Converse shoes. In many of the segments he's often rather careless, which usually costs him his current job. Harry's wardrobe, including vintage eyewear, is drawn from Matt Wilson's real life wardrobe.

Kareem Blackwell

Kareem Blackwell was seen only once, as the protagonist for the pilot episode "The Poddleville Case," where he met with the New York cast of Stomp. Unlike in most future "For Real" segments, Kareem's one-time skit did not use the episode's theme (patterns) as a problem-solving device. Instead, the segment revolved around Stomp explaining how to use patterns in music to create enjoyable songs.

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