Digby—Annapolis is a provincial electoral district in Nova Scotia, Canada, that elects one member of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly.

The Member of the Legislative Assembly since 2003 has been Harold "Junior" Theriault of the Liberal Party of Nova Scotia.

Members of the Legislative Assembly

Election results

|- |Liberal |Harold Jr. Theriault |align="right"|3034 |align="right"|50.91 |align="right"| |- |Progressive Conservative |Jimmy MacAlpine |align="right"|2170 |align="right"|36.42 |align="right"| |- |New Democratic Party |Andrew Oliver |align="right"|663 |align="right"|11.13 |align="right"| |- |Green Party |Namron Bean |align="right"|92 |align="right"|1.94 |align="right"| |}

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