Dierick Bouts

Dierick Bouts

Bouts, Dierick, Dirk, or Thierry, c.1420-1475, early Netherlandish painter, b. Haarlem, active in Louvain. Bouts was influenced by Roger van der Weyden, the van Eycks, and Petrus Christus. His elongated, often stiffly posed figures occupy landscapes that reveal a loving care for detail. His luminous panels have a calm beauty, particularly in the landscape backgrounds, where his sensitive treatment of changing color and light is demonstrated. The Last Supper altarpiece (St. Peter's, Louvain) is his major work. Two paintings of the Madonna and a portrait are in the Metropolitan Museum.

(born circa 1415, Haarlem, Holland—died May 6, 1475, Louvain, Brabant) Netherlandish painter. He was active in Louvain, where he was influenced by Rogier van der Weyden. His best-known works are a triptych altarpiece (1464) for the church of St. Peter in Louvain, its panels representing the Last Supper and four Old Testament scenes, and two huge panels representing a scene of secular justice (1470–75) for the city hall, intended as examples of justice for the Louvain town council. His treatment of the human figure ranges from strong emotion expressed through symbolic gesture to great severity and restraint.

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