Dick Posthumus

Dick Posthumus

Richard Posthumus (pronounced "PAHST-hume-us") (born on 19 July 1950) is an American farmer, businessman, politician. He is also a former State Senate Majority leader and Republican gubernatorial candidate from Michigan. Currently, he is the CEO of Compatico, Inc., an office furniture manufacturer in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Dick Posthumus grew up on a dairy farm in Alto, Michigan outside of Grand Rapids. He graduated from Michigan State University, during which he served as chair of the College Republicans and as a vice chair of the Michigan Republican Party.

In 1971, he managed the successful State House campaign of fellow student and future Michigan governor John Engler. Posthumus was elected to the State Senate in 1982 and became Senate Majority leader in 1990, when Engler was elected Governor. His 1982 race was managed by Saul Anuzis. Posthumus is the longest serving Senate Majority leader in the history of the State of Michigan.

Posthumus joined Engler on the ticket as Lieutenant Governor in 1998 and went on to serve in that post for four years. He was the Republican nominee for governor in 2002, having defeated moderate State Senator Joe Schwarz in the Republican primary, but lost to Democrat Jennifer Granholm in the general election. He joined Compatico in 2005 and became the CEO in 2006.

Posthumus married Pam Bartz in 1972. They have four children and three grandchildren.

Electoral history

  • 2002 election for Governor
  • 2002 election for Governor - Republican Primary

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