Dick Gross

Dick Gross

Richard Andrew Landa Gross (born 16 November 1954 in Melbourne, Australia) is the President of the Municipal Association of Victoria, and former three-time Mayor of the City of Port Phillip, Australia, from 1998-2000 and in 2004, and has served on the Port Phillip City Council, representing the Blessington Ward, since its creation in 1996. He is known for his enthusiastic style in highlighting important social and legal issues in the community.

St Kilda Triangle

Cr Gross voted, along with a Council majority, to support the development of the St Kilda Triangle site, despite major objections in the community during 2007-2008. The outcome of the development decision, as well as concerns over Council governance are issues in the upcoming 2008 Council Elections.

Literary works

Dick Gross has written several fiction and non-fiction works, on topics ranging from atheism to merchant banks:

  • Money for Jam, How to spread it and not make a mess (1990)
  • The Tricontinential Story' with Hugo Armstrong (1995)
  • A Godless Gospel (1999)
  • Jesus, Judas and Mordy Ben Ruben: Three good Jewish boys in Jerusalem (2005)

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