Diana Dragutinović

Diana Dragutinović

Dr. Diana Dragutinović (Serbian: Диана Драгутиновић) (born in Belgrade, SR Serbia, Yugoslavia on May 6, 1958) is the Minister for Finance in the Government of Serbia.

Dragutinović graduated from the Belgrade Faculty of Economics where she also received an MSc and a PhD and still lectures. From 2001 to 2002, she was special advisor at the Ministry of Finance and Economy, as well as a special advisor at the International Monetary Fund (20022004).

From September 1, 2004 she was Vice Governor of the National Bank of Serbia, in charge of coordination and management of research and statistics, monetary policy and payment systems.

Her main areas of research are macroeconomics, econometric modelling, financial programming, long-term economic growth theory, convergence analysis, inflation, monetary and fiscal policy, poverty and social policy. Dragutinović was elected to her current seat of Minister for Finance on July 7, 2008.

She is author of textbooks, ten monographs and over 50 studies, articles and papers.

She is married and a mother of two.


  • http://www.srbija.gov.rs/vlada/ministri.php#33977

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