Diamond Music

Diamond Music

Released in 1996, Diamond Music is an album by Welsh composer Karl Jenkins.

Perhaps one of Jenkins most recognized works is the first movement of the "Palladio" suite, inspired by sixteenth-century architect Andrea Palladio. This piece, in varying arrangements, has served as the music for DeBeers television advertisements since the company's "A Diamond is Forever" campaign in the mid 1990s. For this reason, the album is titled Diamond Music and the cover art features shadowed figures and photographs of diamonds much like the imagery used in the ad campaign. Also this piece is well known as being the theme music for famous singer, Jade Villalon of Sweetbox's song "Sorry".

Jenkin's compositions in this album encompass a broad polystylistic range, contrasting delicate pieces written for string quartet with the broad sound of a string orchestra. "String Quartet No. 2" includes movements in the Baroque style of Antonio Vivaldi ("The Fifth Season") as well as a tango, waltz, hoedown, and others. The four "Adiemus Variations" are reworkings of Jenkins' own piece "Adiemus" from Adiemus: Songs of Sanctuary. Additionally, the second movement of "Palladio" served as the theme for "Cantus Insolitus" also heard on Songs of Sanctuary.

Track listing

  1. "Palladio I, Allegretto" – 3:47
  2. "Palladio II, Largo" – 5:38
  3. "Palladio III, Vivace" – 6:58
  4. "Adiemus Variations I" – 1:28
  5. "Adiemus Variations II" – 3:32
  6. "Adiemus Variations III" – 2:29
  7. "Adiemus Variations IV" – 3:33
  8. "Passacaglia" – 4:53
  9. "String Quartet No. 2: I The Fifth Season" – 3:43
  10. "String Quartet No. 2: II Tango" – 5:50
  11. "String Quartet No. 2: III Waltz" – 2:11
  12. "String Quartet No. 2: IV Romanze" – 2:59
  13. "String Quartet No. 2: V Bits" – 4:44


Other arrangements

Diamond Music is the title of a track by solo pianist Tim Neumark. The piece is a solo piano rendition of the first movement of Jenkins' "Palladio" suite.

The British electric string quartet eScala performs a rendition of "Palladio", used in their official promotional video.

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