Dhananjay (comics)

Dhananjay (comics)

Dhananjay is a fictional character, an Indian comic book character featured in Super Commando Dhruva comics published by Raj Comics.


Dhananjay is the Leader of human aqua city.

Millions of years ago, an ancient Indian civilization went under sea and its people turned into sea humans to live in a golden aqua city they called Swarn Nagari. The residents of Swarn Nagari are far advanced in science and are completely non-violent. Once Dhruva helped them, when Grand Master Robo tried to invade and capture Swarn Nagari for all the gold, after accidentally dscovering it. What actually happened was that Robo was conducting a nuclear missile test under-water, which went wrong. Though he could not achieve his immediate goal, he found Swarn Nagri meaning Golden City (a possible reference to El Dorado), which became his target now.

Dhananjay came to Rajnagar looking for a monster who had escaped from Swarn Nagari, and ran into Dhruv. During their fighting, he captured Dhruva in his 'swarn-pash' (golden trap), but he received a message to come back to Swarn Nagari immediately, so he tried to leave, but Dhruva, thought being incapable of breaking out of the swarn-pash, somehow managed to capture Dhananjay in the swarn-pash at the other end, and so Dhananjay had to carry him to the Swarn Nagri through his 'aayami dwaar' (inter-dimesional door).

Once there, Dhruva realised that the city is under siege by Grand Master Robo's troops, and he offered help to them.

Dhruva helped the Swarn Nagari people defend their city. Since then they became friends forever. And as a gift for his friendship and help, the scientifically much advanced Swarn Nagari people fitted a tiny instrument in Dhruva's body, which enables him to breathe and talk under water.


He is the best warrior of the Swarn Nagri. His golden suit is an armor capable of fending off minor energy attacks.

He has been introduced in the comics "Grand Master Robo"

Powers & Abilities

He carries a swarn pash (golden lasso) with him (much like the Wonder Woman), which the captured enemy can not escape from. The lasso can be controlled by Dhananjay's mind-waves, but it takes great effort and is seldom used in this manner.

He has the ability of creating an 'aayami dwaar' (inter-dimensional passage) to anywhere he wants, but it drains him of his energy depending upon how far the destination is and how big the passage way should be.

Family, Friends and Allies

He is a good friend of Super Commando Dhruva.He lives with his relatives in Swarn Nagari (Golden City).


Discussion forum

Raj Comics hosts a discussion forum, with a section specially devoted to Dhruva.

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