Devilance the Pursuer is a fictional extraterrestrial hunter in the DC Comics universe. He first appeared in Forever People #11 (August 1972) and was created by Jack Kirby.

Character history

Devilance the Pursuer was once one of the most respected minions of Darkseid, lord of Apokolips as the hunter who captured and brought back his prey to his master for many years. Devilance was tapped to track and destroy Darkseid's hated rivals, the Forever People. When he found them on an island on the Pacific Ocean, the Forever People switched places with the Infinity Man. Devilance and Infinity Man engaged in a terrible battle that destroyed the small island they were fighting on. Both of them appeared atomized and were presumed dead, although later Infinity Man returned to assist the Forever People again. Devilance was not seen for years.

Devilance appears in issue #7 of DC's weekly comic series 52, where he is substantially larger than he was portrayed in the past. He is on a remote alien planet where Starfire, Adam Strange and Animal Man are stranded. In issue #8, it is revealed that Devilance has captured Starfire. Adam Strange and Animal Man search for Starfire, but fall victim to his traps and are also captured.

Devilance's size is possibly due to an aspect of New Gods lore introduced by writer Peter David: the New Gods are all this size, and their worlds are proportionally sized. Boom-tubes resize objects traveling through them accordingly, but anyone who physically travels from the New God worlds to other physical worlds would notice the size difference. It is unknown if this idea has been retconned into the main continuity by other writers. This is connected to the fact that there is only one set of New Gods and New Gods worlds in all the multiverse.

In issue #9, (three days and two nights by in-story time), Devilance seems to believe the trio saw something only the gods (such as himself) were meant to. Thus, being "The God of the Pursuit", Devilance took it upon himself to catch them. The team manage to burn Devilance's face and escape his clutches. They also steal his Lance in hopes of using it as a power source for their space cruiser. Devilance is last seen bound by the very vines that once held his captives. It is also of note that, as Starfire stated during her escape, the whole planet they are on seems to be a trap set by Devilance himself.

In issue #17, he catches up with their spaceship, only to be eviscerated and decapitated by Lobo.

Powers and abilities

As a New God of Apokolips, Devilance has super strength and endurance and also possesses the ability to alter his density at will. He also carries a lance that can fire energy blasts and can slice through nearly anything.


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