Desert planets

Desert planet

In science fiction, a desert planet is a one-climate planet where the climate is desert, with little or no natural precipitation. The motif is a common one, and includes both real and fictional planets. In a few stories, the motif is accompanied by elements of hydraulic despotism. Perhaps the most famous examples are Arrakis, the setting for much of the Dune novels of Frank Herbert, and Tatooine of the Star Wars universe.

The desert planet is a recurring motif in science fiction movies, because of the popularity of science fiction symbolism representing isolation or self-reliance, and because of the relatively low cost to Hollywood productions to use a desolate part of nearby Arizona or New Mexico for filming.

Real planets used as desert planet settings


Main article: Mars in fiction
Before, and certainly after, the results sent back by the Viking landers, some science fiction set on Mars portrayed it as a desert planet. Science fiction stories that do so include:

Fictional desert planets

Other, fictional, desert planets have been used as story motifs:


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