Derek Poundstone

Derek Poundstone (born on September 28, 1981, 6'1", 315 lb) is an American Professional Strongman athlete from Waterbury, Connecticut. Poundstone won the America's Strongest Man contest in 2007 Derek Poundstone is also a Police Officer for the Naugatuck, Connecticut Police Department and is the owner and landlord of an apartment complex. Derek (born in the USA) spent the first 10 years of his life in Italy and Spain. Derek is supported by his mother Colleen and his brother Justin. Derek's father, Daniel Poundstone, an Air Force retiree, passed away February 13, 2000 at 46 years of age.

Strength Sports

Derek started out competing in Powerlifting and progressed to become the Connecticut State Champion. He started competing in Strongman after finding an advertisement for a contest on the back of a Powerlifting flyer. After earning his Professional Strongman card from the ASC (American Strongman Corporation), Derek took two years off competing to enter the Police Academy and become a Police Officer. He returned to competing in Strongman, and placed 5th in the 2006 St. Patrick's Strongman National Qualifier Derek then went on to place 2nd to the current IFSA World Champion Zydrunas Savickas in the 2006 World Strongman Challenge contest in Tulsa, Oklahoma Next up, Derek placed 5th in the 2006 America's Strongest Man USA National Championship This earned him an invite to the 2006 IFSA (International Federation of Strength Athletes) World Championship. On October 26, 2006, two weeks before the World Championships, Derek severely injured his lumbar spine during training while attempting a maximum effort deadlift of 366 kg (805 lb) Derek had a lumbar disc herniation (L4/5) and a massive spinal cord hemorrhage. Doctors told him that he would never lift again due to the severity of the injury

Derek, determined to prove the doctors wrong and to realize his dream of becoming a world champion, started his path of recovery. He focused on the training that he was still able to do, benchpressing. Within two weeks he won a state powerlifting bench press meet. He then set his sights on developing a training regimen which would enable him to compete fully 100% in Strongman again.

Derek's return to the Strongman competition circuit was the 2007 St. Patrick's Strongman contest in Columbia, South Carolina. Derek won by 13.5 points and overcame his deadlifting injury fear by completing a 364 kg (800lb) deadlift during the competition. Winning qualified Derek to compete in the 2007 America's Strongest Man USA National Championship, which Derek won by a record 30 points With victory, Derek achieved his goal of becoming America's Strongest Man, the top rated strength athlete in the USA. Derek also qualified to compete in the 2007 IFSA World Championship in Geusman, South Korea Additionally, Derek received an invite from the esteemed Dr. Terry Todd to compete in his contest, the respected and highly exclusive Arnold Classic Strongman contest, 2008, in Columbus, Ohio

In addition to training extensively for the IFSA World Championships, Derek has since competed in two Team Strongman contests and a Highland Games and Strongman hybrid contest. First was the USA vs. World team contest put on by Al Thompson in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Derek and his team (Travis Ortmayer , Van Hatfield , Nick Best , Walt Gogola ) pulled out an unprecedented victory against three of the top five European strongmen in the World, (Zydrunas Savickas , Vasyl Virastyuk , and Andrus Murumets ). Team USA won the first three events and Team World won the next three events. Team USA shut down Team World with a victory in the final event, the Atlas Stones Derek's next contest was in Callander, Scotland at the World Highland Games contest This contest was a Highland Games / Strongman hybrid. This was Derek's first participation in a Highland Games event and not only was he victorious, he also broke two world records. With Douglas Edmunds present, Derek smashed Igor Pedan's 9 rep 125 kg (275 lb) Log Clean and Press World Record by powering through 13 reps, with 130 kg (286 lb) nonetheless. Derek also broke the current World Champion's, Zydrunas Savickas, 140 kg (308 lb) Block Press World Record by pressing out a 145 kg (319 lb) Block Derek's training partner Tom McClure also competed in Callander and placed 2nd. Derek's next contest was a team contest, the World's Strongest Nation held in the Ukraine. This time Team USA consisted of Derek along with Travis Ortmayer, Tom McClure , and Brian Shaw Team USA placed 2nd overall behind Team Ukraine led by Vasyl Virastyuk.

Derek competed in the 2007 IFSA World Championship held in Geumsan, South Korea. Derek was in 2nd position throughout the entire competition until the end. During the final event, Derek lost vital seconds when he ripped open his hands during the Farmer's Walk event, which caused him to drop the implements. Derek placed 4th overall in his first appearance at the World Championship, 2 points behind Mikhail Koklyaev and 1 point behind the 2006 World Champ Zydrunas Savickas. Vasyl Virastyuk won the competition, becoming the first athlete to win both the WSM World Title and the IFSA World Title. Derek's performance was the best ever recorded by an American at the IFSA World Championships.

Derek decided to compete on the WSM/SS circuit after sufficient political differences with IFSA. Derek was called up by Odd Haugen and asked to enter as a replacement athlete into the Mohegan Sun Super Series due to Kevin Nee pulling out with a torn biceps. Derek accepted and competed for the first time against Mariusz Pudzianowski. On home turf, Derek defeated the 4 time WSM champion and secured a qualification spot for the 2008 World's Strongest Man contest.

Afterwards, Derek competed in the 2008 Arnold's Strongest Man contest. His first appearance at the Arnold, Derek pushed Zydrunas Savickas to a tie during the first day of competition. Derek had injured his pectoralis muscle a week earlier, which led to him having to use only his left hand on the Circus Dumbbell press. He still managed to tie Zydrunas for the World Record in the event. Day two saw Zydrunas Savickas pull ahead enough for the win. Derek would take second place, though being the lightest competitor in the field, he defeated champion athletes like Mikhail Koklyaev, Andrus Murumets, and Phil Pfister.

Derek is now scheduled to compete at the Worlds Strongest Man Super Series event being held at the world famous Madison Square Garden on June 21st followed by the Fortissimus Decathlon of Strength in Canada on June 28th and 29th and finally the 2008 World's Strongest Man competition in the fall.

On June 29, 2008 during the grueling 16 hour, 2 day Fortissimus contest, Derek became the first American to defeat Zydrunas Savickas. Derek and Zydrunas were ~40 points ahead of all the other competitors and pushed each other to the last stone. Derek was the only athlete who managed to lift the 517lb Louis Cyr Stone and secured his victory and title at the "Mightiest Man on the Planet."

Derek became the 2008 Super Series champion after accumulating the most points throughout the Grand Prix. 1st at the Mohegan Sun, 2nd at Madison Square Garden, and 4th at Sweden earned Derek enough to take the overall title. Derek did not compete in the Viking Power SS contest.

TV, Radio, and Film Appearances

  • Derek appears on (the first international strongman IPTV channel - Internet Protocol TV) competing in the Mohegan Sun Super Series. The contest was aired live and is currently archived for replay on demand. The contest will also air on Fox Sports, Eurosport, and other channels reaching an estimated 500 million households worldwide.
  • Derek will appear on ESPN competing in the World's Strongest Man competition late December 2008.
  • Derek was featured on the hit MTV show "Road Rules" - Muscle Beach, Episode Number: 217, Season Number: 14, First Aired: Wednesday March 7, 2007
  • Derek will be featured in a movie documenting his rise to becoming America's Strongest Man and his quest to become the World's Strongest Man.
  • Derek was featured on an episode of
  • Derek will appear on the VERSUS (VS) network when the 2007 IFSA World Championship broadcasts in the USA during 2008. Worldwide, the IFSA World Championship is broadcast on 41 television stations in 186 countries, reaching an estimated 527,000,000 households
  • Derek has made numerous worldwide radio appearances for interviews and promotional purposes

Personal Records - Strongman (WSM/SS) (Arnold Strongman Classic) (IFSA) (FORTISSIMUS)

Atlas Stone

  • 252 kg {555 lb to 42"} Unofficial World Record {Connecticut}
  • 239 kg {525 lb to 48"} {Arnold's Strongest Man, Columbus, Ohio}

Louis Cyr Stone

Log Press

  • 130 kg * 13 {286 lb - 75 sec time limit, Clean and Press each rep} World Record {Callander Games, Scotland}

Overhead Block Lift

  • 145 kg {319 lb} World Record {Callander Games, Scotland}

Circus Dumbbell

  • 93 kg * 9 {205 lb - 90 sec time limit, Clean and Press each rep} World Record {Arnold's Strongest Man, Columbus, Ohio}

Car Squat

  • 360 kg * 12 reps {792 lb} {World's Strongest Nation 2007, Ukraine}

Tire Deadlift

Hummer Tire Deadlift

  • 414 kg {911.5 lb} {Arnold's Strongest Man, Columbus, Ohio}

Timber Frame Carry

  • 398 kg {875 lb - 11.59 sec on 36' incline ramp} American Record {Arnold's Strongest Man, Columbus, Ohio}

Super Yoke

  • 500 kg {1100 lb - 9.59 sec for 32'} {Arnold's Strongest Man, Columbus, Ohio}

Personal Records - Powerlifting (ADAU)

* Bench Press

  • 196 kg {430 lb} - 20-23 yr old 319 lb class American Record - November, 2003


  • 289 kg {635 lb} - 20-23 yr old 275 lb class American Record - June, 2003
  • 311 kg {685 lb} - 20-23 yr old 319 lb class American Record - November, 2003
  • 389 kg {855 lb} - recent gym lift personal record - October, 2007
  • 400 kg {880 lb} - most recent gym lift personal record - February, 2008
  • 395 kg {870 lb} - Madison Square Garden Super Series - New York, New York - June 21, 2008


  • 750 kg {1650 lb} - 20-23 yr old 319 lb class American Record - November, 2003


Professional Competitive Record - [1st (6),2nd (6) ,3rd (3) - Out of Total(19)]
Performance Metric - .923 [American - .931 International - .915]

Professional 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th INJ DNQ Total
American 4 3 1 2 10
International 2 3 2 2 9
Combined 6 6 3 2 2 19

  • Fortissimus World Strength Challenge - Quebec, Canada - future contest (6/2009)
  • Arnold's Strongest Man - Columbus, Ohio, USA - future contest (3/6-7/2009)
  • World's Strongest Man - Charleston, West Virginia, USA - future contest (September 2008)


  • Sweden Super Series (World's Strongest Man Qualifier) - Sweden - 4th place (8/16/2008)
  • Fortissimus - Louis Cyr World Strength Challenge - Notre-Dame-Du-Rosaire, Quebec, Canada - winner (6/28-29/2008)
  • Madison Square Garden Super Series (World's Strongest Man Qualifier) - New York, New York, USA - 2nd place (6/21/2008)
  • Arnold's Strongest Man - Columbus, Ohio, USA - 2nd
  • Mohegan Sun Super Series (World's Strongest Man Qualifier) - Uncasville, Connecticut, USA - winner (1/19/2008)
  • World vs. Lithuania Team Competition - Vilinius, Lithuania - 2nd (10/27/2007)
  • IFSA 2-Man Team World Championship - Vilinius, Lithuania - 3rd (10/7/2007)
  • IFSA World Championship - Geumsan, South Korea - 4th (2007)
  • World's Strongest Nation Team Competition - Ukraine - 2nd (2007)
  • World Highland Games - Callander, Scotland - winner (7/29/2007)
  • USA vs. World Team Competition - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - winner (2007)
  • America's Strongest Man (USA National Championship) - Charlotte, North Carolina, USA - winner (2007)
  • St. Patrick's Strongman (USA National Championship Qualifier) - Columbia, South Carolina - winner (2007)
  • USA vs. Lithuania Team Competition - Lithuania - 2nd (2006)
  • World's Strongest Nation Team Competition - Kiev, Ukraine - 3rd (2006)
  • America's Strongest Man (USA National Championship) - Charlotte, North Carolina, USA - 5th (2006)
  • World Strongman Challenge (USA Grand Prix) - Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA - 2nd (5/19/2006)
  • St. Patrick's Strongman (USA National Championship Qualifier) - Columbia, South Carolina, USA - 5th (3/17/2006)
  • Florida Pro - Am - Florida, USA - 3rd (2005)
  • Northeast Regional Strongman Showdown - Wilmington, Massachusetts, USA - winner (2004) earned ASC Professional Strongman card
  • Connecticut State Powerlifting Champion

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