Yağlıdere is a town and a district of Giresun Province in the Black Sea region of Turkey.

The district covers an extension of the Giresun Mountains, including part of the valley of the Yağlıdere stream which gives the district its name. When the mountain streams that feed the Yağlıdere are full flooding is a threat. This is an agricultural district; the hillsides are planted with hazelnuts, fruit trees, chestnuts and other deciduous trees. Also some tea and corn are grown and animals are grazed on the higher slopes.

4,336 people live in the small town of Yağlıdere, which was founded in 1811 with a marketplace and a large mosque.

A large section of the population have migrated to America, especially New York and New Jersey, causing the town to be nicknamed New Yağlıdere or little New York.


The name Yağlıdere originates from the Yağlıdere stream passing through the town centre. The town was formerly named Camiyanı ('next to the mosque'). I love yaglidere its sooo awesomee its like greeen full of mountains when i went there i like had soo much fun my cousins and everything i suggest everyone to go there and have fun and eat lots of hazelnuts (findik)

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