A dehrasar is a temple for followers of Jainism. Jain idols of Tirthankaras are worshipped there. Usually they are built from Marble stone. Some famous Jain temples are located in Palitana, Shankeshwar, Shikharji, Vataman, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad.

Dehrasar is generally made up of the best and whitest available marble. Mainly all derasar are made up of marbles. There are two type of Dehrasar 1) Shikar-bandhi (One with the dome) and 2) Ghar dehrasar (Temple in a home where there is no dome) All shikar-bandhi dehrasar have many marble pillars which are carved beautifully with Demi god posture. The main part of dehrasar is called "Gabhara" in which there is the stone carved God idol. One is not suppose to enter the Gabharo with out taking bath and without wearing puja (worship) clothes and also one has to tie a cloth over the nose and mouth before entering the ghabaro or else they will be fired by the regular people coming to temple.

A derasar which is 100 years old is called a Tirth. A dehrasar is also called a tirth if it has a large facility for food and nightstay. A dehrasar holds the statues of 3 of the thirthankars: Parshwanath, Rishabdev and Mahavir. They are the chosen idols since Rishabdev is the founder of the religion, Parshwanath is the 23rd thirthankar, and Mahavir is the last thirthankar, who according to tradition had helped write all the scriptures such as the Agams.

There are some strict rules for entering some, but not all derasars:

  1. Should wear washed clothes in which one has not gone for toilet or latrine after washing.
  2. One should not be chewing any eatables (food, gum, mints, etc.), and no eatables should be stuck in the mouth.
  3. If one takes food inside Derasar, one should not bring that food back outside Derasar. It should be left inside the Derasar only.
  4. Anyone who is hurt and is still bleeding should not enter the temple.
  5. A lady who is in her menstrual cycle should also not enter derasar. A lady is not suppose to enter derasar even after 3 days of menstrual cycle.


Derasar and Dargah coexist in Gandhi's Gujarat

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