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Dennis Danvers

Dennis Danvers

Dennis Danvers (born 1947) is an American author of science fiction novels. He currently lives in Richmond, Virginia.


  • The Bright Spot (2005), ISBN 0-553-58759-5, written under the pen name Robert Sydney.
  • The Watch (2002), ISBN 0-380-97762-1, described as "being the unauthorized sequel to Peter A. Kropotkin's Memoirs of a Revolutionist as imparted to Dennis Danvers by Anchee Mahur, traveler from a distant future"
  • The Fourth World (2000), ISBN 0-380-97761-3
  • End of Days (1999), ISBN 0-380-97448-7
  • Circuit of Heaven (1998), ISBN 0-380-97447-9
  • Time and Time Again (1994), ISBN 0-671-78800-0
  • Wilderness (1991), ISBN 0-671-72827-X, nominated for the Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel

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