Denji Sentai Megaranger

Denji Sentai Megaranger

, translated into English as Electromagnetic Squadron Megaranger, was Toei Company Limited's twenty-first production of the Super Sentai television series. The footage was used in the American series, Power Rangers in Space. Megaranger premiered on February 14, 1997 and concluded on February 15, 1998.


Kenta Date, a high-school student, is the champion of an arcade video game, "Megaranger". A company known as INET (International Network of Excel-Science and Technology) invites him to their laboratories along with his school friends and members of the Cybernetics club, Miku Imamura, Kouichiro Endou, Chisato Jougasaki, and Shun Namiki. Soon after a small tour of the INET HQ, the building comes under attack by the evil Neijirejia, an evil force lead by Dr. Hinelar, to conquer this reality. Dr. Kubota, INET's chief, reveals that Megaranger was not a video game, but a combat simulator to find recruits for a super fighting team against the Neijirejia. While the INET HQ is ravaged and Neijirejia warrior Yugande destroys the base, Kubota gives Kenta and his friends special devices known as 'Digitizers'. By entering the key-code "3-3-5" and shouting "Install, Megaranger!", Date, Imamura, Namiki, Endou and Jougasaki become the fighting team known as Denji Sentai Megaranger.

After a fight against Yugande, the Megarangers retreat from the exploding INET HQ, within the Galaxy Mega. Guirail, sent by Javious, injures Yugande. Dr. Hinelar poisons Guirail, turning him into Mad Guirail. The Megarangers abandon the damaged Galaxy Mega and fly the Delta Mega to the INET Moonbase where INET member Yuusaku Hayakawa has created the Space Mega Project. The Rangers destroy Guirail with Mega Voyager, a new mecha made of 5 Voyager Machines. Hayakawa becomes MegaSilver, but can only fight for 2.5 minutes, although he conquers time limit. Dr. Hinelar creates the evil Nejirangers, draining energy from Javious the First after both Nejirangers' and Javious's destruction. Dr. Hinelar creates Nejirejia City. The Nejirangers are resurrected but turned into data cards. Dr. Hinelar learns the MegaRangers' identities, and Shibolena accesses INET database and locates the moonbase. Yugande gains a powerful, red form with a special circuit, and attacks the moonbase, forcing Dr. Kubota and his INET team to flee in the Galaxy Mega and regroup with the Megarangers on Earth, while Hayakawa stays at the moonbase to salvage the Voyager Machines buried in the rubble. After the Megarangers kill Yugande, Dr. Hinelar turns into a monster, and the Grand Nejiros base transforms into the Death Nejiros. Hayakawa finishes the salvage. Hinelar self-destructs Death Nejiros, destroying Mega Voyager high above the city when the Megarangers risk their lives to prevent damage to the city by carrying Death Nejiros into the sky. The Megarangers survive, and celebrate their High School graduation with Dr. Kubota and Hayakawa.



Five high school students chosen by INET become the Megarangers with an INET agent who is an additional Megaranger. An attack with Mega Weapons and Mega Snipers together is Final Shoot.

  • / : 18 years old, Kenta is a slacker and a knucklehead who likes Korean barbecue, but he is friendly, playful, and good hearted. He was an ideal candidate due to the fact that he was a pro on the arcade games INET was marketing to find ideal recruits to become Megarangers. After his Drill Saber was broken by Yugande, Mega Red received an enhanced version of the weapon that can combine with his Mega Sniper to form the Drill Sniper Custom. He is the only member who doesn't like computers, but ironically his forehead symbol is a Personal Computer. The computer allows Kenta to upload data and program any type of skill into himself, making him omnipotent warrior. He last appeared when the GaoRangers met the Super Sentai team.
    • Mega Weapon: /
    • Special Attacks: ,
  • / : 18 years old, Kouichirou is the leader of the team. A keen soccer player, he is concerned about his schoolwork. He has a younger brother, Koujiro, who also plays soccer. Forehead symbol is the Digital Satellite, which enables him to trace communication sources and transmissions.
    • Mega Weapon: /
    • Special Attacks: Satellite Search, Satellite Scan, , , (soccer ball kicking attack)
  • / : 18 years old, Shun is a loner who aspired to become a computer-graphics artist and refused to become a Megaranger. After seeing Kenta attempting to keep the Kunekune from interfering in his life-long dream, Shun reconsidered and became good friends with Kenta. Shun is adept at creating battle strategies, such confusing the NejiRangers by making the others' costumes look like his. His forehead symbol is the Digital Television which allows him to create CG images and trap enemies in a movie dimension where characters from the dimension attack the enemy.
    • Mega Weapon: /
    • Special Attacks: , Virtual Vision
  • / : 18 years old, Chisato dreams of becoming a professional photographer. She is kind, talented, and is a talented photographer and singer, and is attracted to Kouichirou. Forehead symbol is the Digital Camera, which can telescopically search for people and things, and can allow Chisato to see through walls.
    • Mega Weapon: /
    • Special Attacks: Digicam Search,
  • / : 18 years old, Miku eats a lot, but she is very self-conscious about her weight. She dislikes schoolwork just as much as Kenta, and it is because of this that the two are very good friends, but she is attracted to Shun. In one episode Miku was hit by an evolution beam and became which made the colored squares on her costume turn gold, gained super strength, and could wield the other Megarangers' weapons. Her orehead symbol is the Digital Cellular Phone, which can track and analyze sound waves. In Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai, she lectured Sae Taiga (GaoWhite) on the Super Sentai franchise's many female warriors and their shared skill at changing their clothes in the blink of an eye, something that Sae had never done before.
    • Mega Weapon: /
    • Special Attacks: Telephone Search
  • / :25 years old, INET Agent, he used a prototype of the Megaranger suits to create his own suit. At first Yuusaku could only stay in his MegaSilver suit for 2.5 minutes due to a flaw in the suit, but he was able to fix this. When the main Mega Rangers altered their costumes to look like Shun's to trick the Nejirangers, Yuusaku confused them even further by disguising himself as NejiSilver, armed with a twisted version of his Silver Blazer. Yuusaku had been working on the "Space Mega Project", revealed to be the Megaranger's Voyager Machines. Yuusaku made his own mecha, Mega Winger. His change device is the cell-phone device known as the Keitaizer (play off of Keitai Denwa, or "cellular phone"). Forehead symbol is the microchip.
    • Mega Weapon: , arm weapon with sword or gun modes.
    • Special Attack: : a barrage of blasts in gun mode, followed by a close blade slash.


  • : He is in charge of the Megaranger program using Megaranger video game, but a surprise attack forced him to give Digitizers to five students in the INET building at the time based aboard orbital Megaship.
  • Picoto: A dragon-like fairy who travels from planet to planet, granting five wishes on each. He appeared in Megaranger vs. Carranger, and the wishes were used by Miku for a giant cake, Kyosuke for katsudon, Helmedor for a giant, planet destroying laser cannon, Crab Nejire to bring dead Psycho Nejilars back to life, and Kenta for the energy to keep fighting, giving the Megarangers the Mega Tector armor.
  • Gekisou Sentai Carranger: Carrangers decide to steal Picoto, so it could grant them wishes. Red Racer/Kyosuke Jinnai rubs Picoto's shell and wished for a katsudon. The MegaRangers caught up with them and got Picoto. Shibolena cast a spell making the CarRangers fight the MegaRangers. The MegaRangers discovered Dappu, held in a small house, grants them upgrades to their weapons to knock the CarRangers' conscience.
  • Seijuu Sentai Gingaman

Maboroshi High

The highschool attended by the five Megarangers until the series finale. Each of the team's classmates and teachers ended up being involved in a Nejirian scheme, which would fuel their rage when they learned the identities of the Megarangers. It was only during the final battle with Hinelar that the school saw the error of their ways and supported the Megarangers.

  • Miss Nishiyama (4): The Biology Teacher.
  • Shintaro (6, 45): An overweight shy boy who has a crush on Miku. He threatened to reveal some secret photos of Miku to the school unless she would go on a date with him. Miku agrees, since she thought the photos were of her transforming into MegaPink. They were just photos of her sleeping in class as well as the nurse's office. Shintaro was one of the people placed under the control of the Thorn Nejilar to do Dr. Hinera's bidding until he is freed by the Megaranger.
  • Jiro (6, 45): Shintaro's best friend, and the one who did the talking for Shintaro due to his shy personality. He consoles Shintaro when Miku turns him down for a second date.


  • : The main 5 Megarangers special tool. By dialing certain number codes into the Digitizier (which is worn on their wrist) they can activate their Digital Suits, call on their Cyber Sliders, and activate their Mecha.
    • 335: Ranger transformation. (Transformation call is "Install Megaranger!")
    • 259: Calls Cyber Sliders.
    • 761: Calls Digitank.
    • 108: Launches MegaShuttle.
    • 541: Starts Galaxy Mega formation.
  • : The main 5 Megarangers wield this gun, can be split into two smaller laser pistols, and for the TwinShoot attack. Can also be attached to the Mega Weapons to increase the Mega Sniper's power.
    • : Ultimate combination of the Drill Saber and Mega Sniper, after MegaRed's Drill Saber was repaired. Formed when the Drill Sniper is combined with a small screw. Most of the time, this weapon is used alongside the Multi Attack Rifle. It can also be powered up into the Super Drill Sniper Custom by pressing "03" on the Battle Riser to transfer it's energy into the weapon.
  • : Combination of the Mega Rod, Mega Tomahawk, Mega Sling, and Mega Capture, wielded by MegaBlack. Most of the time, this weapon is used alongside the Drill Sniper Custom.
  • : Special wrist-worn device given to Kenta by Prof. Kubota. It allows for powered-up chop, punch, and shooting attacks. It is also used to summon and control the Delta Mega and when to active the Super Galaxy Mega formation it is placed in the Galaxy Mega's controls. They also contain a "Vulcan" beam which can be activated by hitting "02", even when one does not have their Digital Suit on. In the two final battles against the Nejirangers, MegaSilver received his own Battle Riser to control the Delta Mega to help fight with Mega Winger. Near the finale, MegaBlack and MegaYellow received their own Battle Risers, and in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai, MegaPink also had one. It is uncertain if MegaBlue got his own Battle Riser device, although Prof. Kubota once used the Battle Riser to command the Delta Mega in Episode 50 during the defense of the Moonbase.
    • 01: Enables attack, and Super Galaxy Mega formation.
    • 02: Enables attack.
    • 03: Enables gun's firepower by 1.5 times of an original firepower (mostly on Super Drill Sniper Custom for the Full Power attack).
  • : Yuusaku/MegaSilver's change device. It uses many of the same features as the Digitizer (but with MegaSilver's own unique vehicles), and is also used as an actual cell-phone.
    • 2580 / MEGA: Ranger transformation. (Transformation call is "Keitaizer, Install!")
    • 259: Calls Auto Slider.
  • : An upgrade armor that the Megarangers receive in Megaranger vs. Carranger. Their finishing move involves them turning into balls of light and destroying their enemies, not unlike the Lights of Ginga. The armor was a movie exclusive and was never used in the actual TV series.


  • : Surfboard-like vehicles the Megarangers use to move through space.
    • Cyber Slider 1: MegaRed's Cyber Slider.
    • Cyber Slider 2: MegaBlack's Cyber Slider.
    • Cyber Slider 3: MegaBlue's Cyber Slider.
    • Cyber Slider 4: MegaYellow's Cyber Slider.
    • Cyber Slider 5: MegaPink's Cyber Slider.
  • : A highly durable armored vehicle used by the Megarangers for transportation, created as the ultimate rescue tool. Can be used to enter dangerous areas or to burrow underground and has a scanner called the MultiView Searcher to scan through walls and a fire extinguishing spray. It's armanents consist of the a long claw and a small turret loctated on top called the . The Digitank was destroyed when Prof. Kubota tried to fight off Shibolena and Yugande near the finale.
  • : MegaSilver had his own Cyber Slider which was capable of transforming into a motorcycle, which can fire the .

INET Mecha

The mecha used by the Megaranger were made by the people at INET.

  • : Combination of Galaxy Mega and Delta Mega from the command . First appeared in Episode 21. In this mode, the Delta Mega's Gatling Guns are positioned on the shoulders of the Super Galaxy Mega, and are three times stronger than normal. The Super Galaxy Mega's finishing attack is called the , where it fires off both of its fists like rockets to destroy the enemy. When the Super Galaxy Knuckle proved useless against Mad Guirail, a new attack was used, the . This is where the Super Galaxy Mega spun around at high speeds, then flew up into the air and finally shot down like a comet and blasted through the Mad Guirail, but still Mad Guirail survived the attack.
    • : Combination of MegaShip and MegaShuttle, a homage to Bioman's Biorobo. The two components join together when the command is given. At first, INET thought the MegaRangers didn't bring the robot to its full potential and had their tactics programer, Professor Toyokawa, install a program that allows Galaxy Mega to fight without a human pilot. But the Shirmp Nejire incident opened Toyokama's eyes and allows the robot to remain in Kubota's hand. The Galaxy Mega's weapons are the , a sword which the Galaxy Mega can perform a wide variety of attacks:
      • , a horizontal slash
      • , a jumping slash
      • , an energy whip that is used to weaken the opponent
      • , a dashing horizontal slash
      • , a double diagonal Slash attack that forms an X
      • , a sword extension attack that destroys it's target from a distance
      • , the saber is thrown like an arrow/spear to implale it's enemy
      • , used against Toad Nejire, where Mega Pink took advantage of a toad's natural fear of snakes by transforming the tip of the sword into a projection of a snake.

The Galaxy Mega is also equipped with the which can protect the Galaxy Mega and enable it to safely enter Earth's atmosphere, and , a gun created from the Shuttle Booster which originally enabled for the MegaShuttle to make it into space. The Booster Rifle can fire energy blasts or freezing gas to freeze its opponent. The Galaxy Mega's last appearance in the series was where it was rendered inoperable by Super Warrior Yugande, but was repaired and used again in Gingaman vs. Megaranger. Galaxy Mega's power helped to power up GaoKing in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai.

  • : Orbital space station for Megarangers and Dr. Kubota. The sides and nose form Galaxy Mega's legs, and the undercarriage forms the arms while the underbelly becomes the shield. Armed with the Mega Particle Cannon.
  • : The orbiter forms Galaxy Mega's head (the engine becomes the "mullet", and the cockpit becomes the cranium). The Shuttle Booster forms the Booster Rifle (with the fuel tank holding the handle and muzzle). The orbiter docks in the nose. The Shuttle Booster can be docked to the underside of the MegaShip. On the toy, the Shuttle Booster can also add weapons to the MegaShip by separating into three pieces with the fuel tank becoming a cannon on the underbelly and the rocket boosters go on the sides. This function is never seen in the footage.
  • : An additional mecha created by Prof. Kubota that is actived and controlled by MegaRed or MegaSilver using the Battle Riser bracelet. It made it's debut in Episode 20. Its armaments consists of its two small guns known as the and its two arms. When the Battle Riser is placed into the Galaxy Mega's controls it allows for the Delta Mega to combine with it to form the Super Galaxy Mega. The Delta Mega was destroyed near the finale by a powered-up Yugande, only to be rebuilt, as it reappeared in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai to help out. The nose forms the head, the wings become the "boots", with the rear of the underside becoming the legs. Forms the helmet, chest, arms, gating guns, thrusters, leg armour, and back of Super Galaxy Mega.
  • : When Mad Guirail over powered the Super Galaxy Mega in Episode 31, the Megarangers were forced to retreat to INET's Moonbase via the Delta Mega in the following episode. It was there they obtained the Voyager Machines. The five Voyager Machines were combined into when the command was given. Mega Voyager used the top section of Rocket Voyager 3 as its main weapon for the finishing attack. When Mega Winger donates its Mega Wing, Mega Voyager becomes , which could use the (the Voyager Spartan shot in midair). It remained as the MegaRangers' primary mecha until it was destroyed in the finale battle with Hinelar and Death Nejiros in the series finale. Aside from using Rocket Voyager 3 as a weapon, Mega Voyager has also used Galaxy Mega's Mega Saber.
    • : Piloted by MegaRed, Rovoyager-1 is a humanoid robot with two large missile batteries on its shoulders. Forms the waist and upper legs of Mega Voyager.
    • : Piloted by MegaBlack, Shuttle Voyager-2 is a space shuttle that can fire an energy blast from its nose. Forms Mega Voyager's head and shield.
    • : Piloted by MegaBlue, Rocket Voyager-3 is a large rocket ship that becomes the Voyager Spartan weapon for Mega Voyager, and also becomes Mega Voyager's lower legs and abdominal area.
    • : Piloted by MegaYellow, Saucer Voyager-4 is a UFO-like spaceship that can fire energy blasts from its wings. Forms Mega Voyager's body and arms, and the blasters on both sides of its thrusters attach to Mega Voyager's head.
    • : Piloted by MegaPink, Tank Voyager-5 is a covered tank with two large cannons on top. Forms Mega Voyager's feet.
  • : Personal mecha of MegaSilver, created by Yuusaku, to which he could operate as MegaSilver, which was introduced in Episode 36. It could change from to in phenomenal speed with the command . It could donate its to Mega Voyager, transforming it into Wing Mega Voyager. Mega Winger's main weapon was the , which required both hands to operate. The undercarriage forms the lower legs and the "nose" becomes the arms (the inside parts spinning to become the forearms), revealing the head. The Mega Wingers final battle was in Episode 50, where it was crippled in battle against Super Warrior Yugande while defending the INET Moonbase, but Yuusaku was able to use the damaged Mega Winger to free the Voyager Machines from the rubble of the Moonbase before it collapsed from its earlier damage.
  • Evil Electric Kingdom Nejiregia

    The are invaders from another Dimension ruled by an entity called Javious. Their names and appearances are all about twisting and distorting. They are stationed in the fortress, which transformed into the giant robot in the series finale, which could regenerate severed limbs as well as bind and electrocute his victims with cables. Was finally destroyed along with the Mega Voyager in the finale when Hinelar self-destructed the Death Nejiro from the inside to attempt to blow up the Megarangers and the Mega Voyager.

    • (2-43): The ruler of Nejiregia, he appears only as a giant eye on the viewscreen of the Gran Nejiros. Very little is known about him, and he is killed when the last of the Nejirangers, whose life forces had been connected to his, were destroyed by the Megarangers. Upon his death, Javious was revealed to be the nucleus of Nejiregia itself which faded away upon his death. Only Javious' heart remained, which Hinelar used to power his Hinelar City.
    • : Formerly cybernetic scientist , Hinelar is the leader of the group under Javious. He made studies on space exploring suits and lost his beloved daughter in one of this experiments, destroying his reputation and scarring him. He later worked with Kubota on an interdimenional project, with Samejima sucked into it. He ended up in Nejiregia, and became Javious' right hand man. Hinelar later plotted and successfully killed Javious through the Nejirangers, to become the new high leader of the Nejiregians. After the destruction of Javious, the nejire dimension closed making Hinelar build in which he intended to concentrate all mankind as data cards. Soon after Shibolena's demise and the destruciton of his City, Hinelar gained a second 'fighting' form to battle the Megarangers himself. However, the device that kept his body from warping on itself (a side effect from being in Nejiregia) was damaged and retreated into the Gran Nejiros, turning it into Death Nejiro to pilot it. When the Death Nejiro exploded during the Mega Voyager's sacrifice, Hinelar, still inside while trying to will his body from collapsing onto itself, was killed.
    • (19-32): He was assigned by Javious to be the new commander in Dr. Hinelar's place. Guirail used crueler methods that were different from Dr. Hinelar's, even performing unusual experiments on the Nejire Beasts. Later on, he parasited Yugande to become . But when the Super Galaxy Mega used its Super Galaxy Knuckle attack, Guirail cancelled out the fusion to use Yugande as a shield to protect himself. An angry Dr. Hinelar tricked Guirail into taking the NejiGen Capsule pill that gave him tremendous power but didn't bother to tell him that it would rob him of his sanity and mind. This mutated Guirail into an insane beast called who was so powerful that the Super Galaxy Mega was no match for it, having survived its new Big Bang Attack, and upon full power, only caused him to break off a piece of his body that formed into , who could fly through space and blast a powerful laser from his forehead. The MegaRangers were able to escape to the INET moonbase on the Delta Mega where Yuusaku gave them the Voyager Machines. In the end, Gigire, and later Mad Guirail, were the first two to be killed by the Mega Voyager.
    • (1-50): A robot modeled after Hinelar's long dead daughter Shizuka. She was second in command to Hinelar on the Gran Nejiros. She was also the smart one, often coming up with plans for conquering. She was critically wounded near the finale by MegaRed while protecting Yugande, and made it back to the Gran Nejiros to inform Hinelar of Yugande's death, only for her body to explode right before Dr. Hinelars eyes.
    • : A little annoying monster that Hinelar modified to make the Nejire Beasts grow by injecting them the Giant Injecting Virus by biting them. He apparently died in the Gran Nejiros when it was destroyed by Mega Voyager's suicide attempt to stop Hinelar once and far all. But not before he teleported Hizumina out of the giant robot.
    • (1-50): A prideful robot general created by Hinelar whom he admires and unconditionally obeys. Yugande was killed by the Galaxy Mega's Mega Flying Cutter early in the series in Episode 8, but then rebuilt into a stronger, slightly larger form, and reappeared in Episode 9. Later he was critically wounded in Episode 30 when Guirail used him as a shield to protect him from the Super Galaxy Mega's Super Galaxy Knuckle. Yugande had to be modified with various mechanical implants placed on him in order to survive, and was given a better sword called the , which had three buttons on its handle to activate different attacks. In Episode 50, Yugande uses a special chip to take on a more powerful form and his current body turned red, . With this new power, Yugande proved to be a difficult challenge for the Megarangers, as he destroyed the Delta Mega, badly damaged the Galaxy Mega and Mega Winger and nearly destroyed the Voyager Machines when he damaged the INET moonbase. But the Neji Reactor inside him got to a critical point and MegaRed was able to kill Yugande for good this time.
      • Dark Crisis attacks: Dark Blade, Dark Fire, and Dark Lightning
    • (38-43, 48): The NejiRangers were created by Dr. Hinelar from Javious' DNA to counter to the MegaRangers. Unfortunately, the NejiRangers were impatient and wanted nothing more than to kill their Megaranger counterparts. In this way, the NejiRangers were used by Hinelar not only to kill the MegaRangers in suicide attacks, but also to kill Javious by slowly draining him of his "life energy". When badly damaged or enlarged, they transformed from into their monstrous true forms. However, the NejiRangers' urge to kill managed to keep them from passing on, as they used Hinelar's data-card machine to regain physical form and not only resume their goal, but to try to kill Hinelar for using them in the first place. But the MegaRangers managed to digitize them, preserving them as DataCards in the now destroyed Hinelar City. Hinelar found the cards soon after the city was destroyed, and sent them to where no one would ever find them.
      • / (38-43, 48): Leader, armed with . True form is a fire-like monster. Once turned on Dr. Hinelar when he discovered that the NejiRangers were mere pawns in Hinelar's plans, but had his free will removed. Killed by Super Galaxy Mega, Mega Voyager and Mega Winger, later turned into a DataCard.
      • / (38-43, 48): The fierce member of the five. Armed with . True form is a rock-like monster. Killed by Super Galaxy Mega, Mega Voyager and Mega Winger, later turned into a DataCard.
      • / (38-41, 48): Armed with . The most sadistic of the five, he became obsessed with specifically fighting, and killing MegaBlue. His true form is a crystalline monster. Killed by Winger Mega Voyager, later turned into a DataCard.
      • / (38-43, 48): Armed with . The cunning member, rival of NejiPink. Her true form is a lizard/hornet monster. Killed by Super Galaxy Mega, Mega Voyager and Mega Winger, later turned into a DataCard.
      • / (38-40, 48): The brutal member, armed with . Her true form is a plant-like beast. Killed by Mega Voyager, later turned into a DataCard.
    • Hizumina (Gingaman vs. Megaranger): The last of Hinelar's creations and Shibolena's "Younger Sister". She bared an uncanny resemblance to Shibolena, except she is all purple instead of all blue. She secretly wished to revive Hinelar having grown to miss him with Shibolena's memories, but was betrayed by Gregory when she did her part in reviving the Balban space pirates. She was soon ultimately killed by MegaRed.
    • (14, 44): Giant monster formed by an army of Kunekune piling together, with Boss Kunekune as its heart. Could close wounds by more Kunekune simply swarming over the gaps. Was disassembled by Galaxy Mega with the Booster Rifle.
      • (14): Leader of the Kunekune armies. Killed by Galaxy Mega with the Booster Rifle.
      • : The Nejire grunts. Have twisted faces and wield twisted blades. Briefly invaded earth and took the form of various humans. They were revealed to be led by their own Boss Kunekune who later combined with all the other Kunekune to become a giant monster, King Kunekune. When Boss Kunekune was destroyed by the Galaxy Mega with the Booster Rifle, the King Kunekune disassembled and was destroyed as well. The Kunekunes survived, but have not been seen since the finale after the Gran Nejiros exploded.

    Nejire Beasts

    Monsters created by Dr. Hinelar when a Nejire Egg, a capsule holding genetically altered DNA, is placed on the and exposed to great amounts of energy, twisting and twirling while Shibolena chants a spell, "Twist and Turn. Assume physical form". Once the process is complete, a is born and fully matured. There is always some part on the body of the Nejire Beast that is twisted.

    • (2, 44): The first Nejire beast to be sent down to earth, attacking the Musashi district. The Stingray Nejire could fly through space as well as fire laser blasts from his eyes. Kenta held the monster at bay until the rest of team arrives. Wounded by MegaRed with the Drill Saber, Stingyray retreated into the NejiCrusher, killed off when Galaxy Mega destroyed the giant machine.
    • (3, 21, 44): This Nejire could create earthquakes when he walked as well as drill through large buildings with the drill on his face. Rhino Nejire could also deflect blasts from the drill when it was spinning fast. Rhino Nejire was sent to flush out the MegaRangers, attacking the CG Center where Shun was located. Though Kenta attempted to keep him way from Shun while he was saving his program, Rhino Nejire destroyed the disc when Shun decided to save Kenta and fight alongside the team. Though defeated by MegaRed's Screw Drill Saber/Saber Slash combo, Hinelar arrives with the modified Bebidebi to infect the Nejire Beast with the Enlarging Virus integrated in Bebidebi's DNA. In the end, the Galaxy Mega destroyed it with Mega Flying Cutter.
    • (4, 44): This Nejire was used by Shibolena to project her image across the internet with the digital camera on his shoulder, which in the process would take control of people and have them undergo "Nejirian Teaching" to make them into blood-thirsty sadists. After freeing Miss Nishiyama from the mindcontrol with Koichiro unconscious, Shun managed to pinpoint the address, only to fall into a trap as they were sucked into a pocket dimension where Chameleon Nejire is omniponent as he electricuted the four. Koichiro managed to find the real location and battled Chameleon Nejire, overwhelemed by the monster's cameoflage until MegaBlack use Satellite Searcher to negate the effect and managed to free the others. The others arrived in time and used their Final Shoot attack to defeat the Chameleon Nejire. Bedidebi arrived soon afterwards and infected Chameleon Nejire into a giant, only to be killed by Galaxy Mega's Saber Electromagnetic Whip and Mega Dash Cutter. However, only the Nejire's arm remained with a shard from the MegaSaber in it.
    • (5, 21, 44): This Nejire, able to launch his pinchers like boomerags, had his DNA modified with the shard of the MegaSaber found from Chameleon Nejire's remains, making his shell impervious to the Galaxy Mega's sword. He attacked the volcanic mountainside to lure out the Megarangers and allowed himself to be infected by Bedidebi. The programed Galaxy Mega arrives, only to be overpowered as Shrimp Nejire attempted to send it into the volcano. Once the Megarangers regained control, the GalaxyMega turned the tables and ripped the Nejire's whiskers off. Using the Saber Electromagnetic Whip, the Galaxy Mega grabbed Shrimp Nejire and threw him into the volcano to destroy him.
    • (6, 44): This Nejire possessed superhuman strength, ideal for his mission to knock over an energy system tower in an act of terrorism, resulting with the building's generator undergoing a meltdown that would destroy the city. With Miku in the tower, MegaBlack and MegaBlue had to deal with Elephant Nejire while MegaRed and MegaYellow used the DigiTank to get her and Shintaro out of the building before taking the cooling the energy rods to stop the meltdown. By then, Elephant Nejire was enlarged by Bedidebi and tore the tower down as the DigiTank escaped. With MegaPink, the MegaRangers formed the GalaxyMega and defeated the Nejire with swift punches before killing him with Galaxy Mega's Mega Flying Cutter attack.
    • (7, 21, 44): This Nejire Beast could fly through space as well as launch a barrage of Space Bees from his "hive blade" on his hand. Killed by Galaxy Mega's Booster Rifle.
    • (9-10 44): This Nejire could manipulate sound and signals. Killed by Galaxy Mega's Mega Cross Cutter, he was later upgraded into , and could alter and manipulate sound at greater distances and with greater strength, only to be killed once again by Galaxy Mega's Mega Dash Cutter.
    • (11): This Nejire was partially created from Shibolena, linking them in battle and in pain. Rose Nejire could whip the Megarangers with her vines and blast them with her shoulder flowers as well. Rose Nejire could recover from any wound as long as Shibolena was all right, but after MegaYellow defeated Shibolena, Rose was weakened and could be defeated. Killed by Galaxy Mega.
    • (12): This Nejire could travel underground and attack from above. Killed by Galaxy Mega.
    • (15): This Nejire could hypnotize people and blind/blast them with harsh rays from his large eyes. The Megarangers put a reflector on their Galaxy Mega's Mega Shield to give him a taste of his own medicine and the Megarangers eventually killed him with Galaxy Mega's Galaxy Lance attack.
    • (16, 21): This Nejire could flap his wings and release poisonous spores that could kill humans within 24 hours. Killed by Galaxy Mega while up in space.
    • (17, 21, 44): This Nejire could evolve or devolve a person's development with his two pistols as well as blast lasers from his eyes in battle. He accidentally caused a bunch of Kunekune to act like babies, and turned Miku into "Super Miku" (the boxes on her suit turned gold), who fought him off by herself and got an IQ of 800, but later her body rejected the advancements. Killed by Galaxy Mega's Saber Electromagnetic Snake.
    • (18, 44): This Nejire could breath fire, throw his shroom hat like a spinning blade and release spores from his body. He was sent to destroy a forest that stood between the Nejiregia and a meteor that was believed to hold great power. Killed by Galaxy Mega.
    • (19): This Nejire could sting humans and infect them with a virus that would transform them into duplicates of itself. Killed by Galaxy Mega's Mega Dash Cutter.
    • (20, 44): This Nejire was modified by Guirail to split into two after it was "destroyed" by Galaxy Mega. One Nejire could clamp down on enemies with his massive jaw, and the other could blast lasers from his toothy "handjaw". His arrival caused the debut of the Delta Mega to even the odds. Killed by the combined power of Galaxy & Delta Mega.
    • (21, 44): This Nejire could blast destructive lasers from its' hand as well as "resurrect" fallen Nejire Beasts with a psychic laser. First to be killed by Super Galaxy Mega.
    • (22, 44): This Nejire could create holes in the ground that its' victims would fall into and become trapped. Killed by Super Galaxy Mega.
    • (23, 44): This Nejire could turn people into stone with the antennae on his head and was sent to absorb his younger sibling on Earth (who'd been befriend by Kenta) to reach his full potential and power. Killed by Super Galaxy Mega.
    • (24, 44): A dummy of the superstrong Nejire was sent by Yugande to record the data on the Megarangers on the gem on its' head, which survived the dummy's destruction and was inserted into the real Nejire Beast later in the same episode. Using it, Buffalo Nejire could deflect any attacks the Megarangers tried to inflict on him. His arrival signified the arrival of MegaSilver, whose moves were not analyzed by the dummy so the real Buffalo Nejire had no defense against his attacks. Killed by Super Galaxy Mega.
    • (25, 44): A Nejire species that was being bred by Guirail to poison the humans' water supply on Earth. The original creature was red, but a blue-colored clone was later created, seen, and used by Guirail. The blue one was killed by Super Galaxy Mega, while the red one was killed by MegaSilver.
    • (26, 44): A renegade Nejire who stole a device to amplify it's power. This Nejire could blast powerful sound waves and was very treacherous. Killed by Super Galaxy Mega.
    • (27): A Nejire that could transform people slowly into coral, which would eventually kill them in the process. Killed by Super Galaxy Mega.
    • (28, 44): A Nejire who could lay eggs and power them up to grow quickly. Killed by the combined blasts of the Multi Attack Rifle and the Drill Sniper Custom. Its larva, however, hatched from Termite Nejire's eggs and fused together and becomes Soldier Termite Nejire. This Nejire was stronger that his mother, and could turn into a swarm of termites to eat through anything (including the MegaRangers weapons) and/or avoid the Megaranger's attacks. Killed by Super Galaxy Mega with a combination of using the Booster Rifle set on freezing gas and then using Super Galaxy Knuckle.
    • Pig Nejire (Buta Nejire) (29, 44) A monster who created and sold special "Diet Crêpes", while disguised as a chef, that actually induced people to eat anything nearby. While a formidable monster, Pig Nejire's weakness was hunger; he would abandon a fight even if he was winning to look for food if he got hungry. Killed by Super Galaxy Mega.


    The are more powerful robotic monsters, created by Hinelar using Mad Guirail's remains in the Nejire Beast creation process, that were used following the debut of the Mega Voyager. They differ from the Nejire Beasts due to their heightened psychotic natures and metallic bodies.

    • (33, 44, MegaRanger vs. CarRanger): A superstrong Psycho-Nejilar who could blast the Megarangers with his large cannon and could detonate bombs if the MegaRangers attacked him. MegaRed, with an upgrade to his Battle Raizer, was able to use this new energy to power up his Drill Sniper Custom into the Super Drill Sniper Custom, allowing him to kill Lion Nejilar fast enough before he could detonate any of his bombs. Killed by Mega Voyager. Was resurrected by Crab Nejilar, killed by the Mega Tector powered Megarangers.
    • (34, 44, MegaRanger vs. CarRanger): A Psycho-Nejilar who could turn soccer balls into explosive devices and kick them at humans to blow them up. Was resurrected by Crab Nejilar, killed by the Mega Tector powered Megarangers.
    • (35, 44, MegaRanger vs. CarRanger): A Psycho-Nejilar that took advantage of MegaSilver's short transformation weakness by affixing a time bomb to him set to go off when he reverted to normal. However, MegaSilver managed to upgrade his powers so he no longer had the time limit and was able to defeat him. Killed by Mega Voyager. Was resurrected by Crab Nejilar, killed by the Mega Tector powered Megarangers.
    • (36, MegaRanger vs. CarRanger): A Psycho-Nejilar that could fly really fast and blast enemies with his beak lasers. First to be killed by Wing Mega Voyager. Was resurrected by Crab Nejilar, killed by the Mega Tector powered Megarangers.
    • (37, 44): A Psycho-Nejilar that had an "exchanging beam," allowing him to swap something he had for something someone else had, like his "old man" voice for Chisato's voice and goofy objects for the Megarangers' weapons. Canary Nejilar was sent by an unappreciated Bidebedi and stole Chisato's voice. Killed by Wing Mega Voyager.
    • (39, MegaRanger vs. CarRanger): A Psycho-Nejilar who could photograph the Megarangers through their helmets threatening to blackmail them, although it didn't work. He could also blast lasers from his mouth. Killed by Wing Mega Voyager. Was resurrected by Crab Nejilar, killed by the Mega Tector powered Megarangers.
    • (MegaRanger vs. CarRanger): Had a high-pressure water cannon concealed in his claw and a strong shell on his back that could deflect his opponent's attacks. He also has the power to resurrect fallen Nejilar Beasts. Killed by Wing Mega Voyager.
    • (45): A Psycho-Nejilar whose power grew stronger from the thorns on his hand. It attached a small , mind-controlling earring to people, including Kenta and his classmate Shintaro, causing them to serve Dr. Hinelar and attack their friends until Kouchiro and the others destroyed the earrings. When Thorn-Needle Nejilar's thorns were destroyed, he lost most of his power and was able to be killed by Mega Voyager.
    • (46): This Psycho-Nejilar could make himself disappear and reappear in various locations. At one point, he confused the Megarangers by going to the southern end of Japan, and then back to Sapporo only to appear behind them afterwards. Killed by Mega Voyager.
    • (47): A Psycho-Nejilar who could suck up earthlings in his vacuum-like laser and transport them into Hinelar City. Killed by Mega Voyager.
    • (49): A bat/grim reaper designed Psycho-Nejilar who was created to force the Megarangers to expose themselves in their High School, which they did. Though he died at the hands of Mega Voyager, he did managed to turn the heroes' schoolmates and friends against them.

    Neji Mecha

    • (1-2): Sphinx-like spaceship that utilized a warp-gate to materialize in "our" world (and made a sound effect like a dematerializing TARDIS in the process). Could blast lasers from its' tail. Destroyed by Galaxy Mega.


    • (13): Based on the data of an artificial creature, Hinelar created it to absorb and manipulate electricity on Earth. Killed by Galaxy Mega's Flash Arrow.
    • Gigire (32 & 33, 44} : Created From A part of Mad Guirail's body.He could fly through space and blast a powerful blaster from his forehead. Killed By The Voyager Machines.





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