Denis Dimoski

Denis Dimoski

Denis Dimoski (Денис Димоски) was born on June 4, 1993 in Prilep, Republic of Macedonia. He is a Macedonian singer who took part in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2005. He was placed 8th with the song Rodendenski Baknez. He has also released an album titled 'I svetot e mal' (Even the world is small)


Denis Dimoski was born in Prilep, Republic of Macedonia on 4th June 1993. He has been singing for 8 years and has been attending music school for 5 years where he learns to play the piano and has singing lessons.

Denis has participated in numerous national and international music competitions. In 2004 he won Best Performance at the children's music festival 'Slavic Bazaar' in Belarus, he also won second place at the 'Golden Star' international children's festival in Romania.

In 2006 Denis released his first album entitled 'I svetot e mal' (Even the world is small) with 8 songs including his song from the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2005.


I Svetot e Mal
  • Ti Si Posebna
  • Rodendenski Baknez
  • I Svetot e Mal
  • Magija
  • Zaljuben Vo Tebe
  • Svet Bez Grizi
  • Nema Da Zaboravam
  • Novogodisna

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