Demune is an emcee and producer, born and raised on the island of Maui, HI and Long Beach, CA.


During high school, Demune joined Maui's JES Crew - a hip hop community founded by a community of artists. “We are b-boys in essence," said Demune of JES in an interview with Agitprop! Records.

In the late 90's Demune collaborated with fellow crew member Cassius (now known as So Fahr), and the duo were known as Double Jointed. They went on to record roughly 10 songs that are still unreleased to this day.

Demune would go onto record several albums on 4-track and other lo fi means around this time as well. All the album masters were eventually lost and the only hopes of finding a mixed version of the album lay with finding one of the few copies that were given away to others in Maui's hip hop community.

In the early 2000's, Demune went to school for music engineering in California. Upon receiving his certification, he co-mixed and mastered Juha's Polari album, and would soon be sought by a number of artists for his skills in this area.

Around this time he also performed with a group known as DSAnalog in smaller clubs and at house parties in the Hollywood area. A song of the group, "Post Thoughts" was later chosen to be on the sound track of a movie starring Darryl Hannah entitled The Job.

In 2002, Demune released the "EXN" 3-inch EP on Tang li Wheebs' fledgling Snail On A Stick label. Later the same year Tang li Wheebs and Demune released a self titled 3-inch EP they recorded over a few months.

In 2003, Demune took part in a compilation organized by an independent record label known as Plague Language, entitled "Farewell Archetypes". This compilation included abstract hip hop artists from across the American continent. It was picked up by Subversiv* Records of Germany, who pressed and distributed the CD version, as well as two 12 inch records which contained slightly different playlists than the CD version did.

Later that same year Demune took part in a Xmas album entitled "Ho Ho Ho" with fellow roommates of the time Mole, Tang Li Wheebs, and Platelunch. It contained 16 tracks and was released Xmas day on 3-inch CD.

In 2004, he along with The Mole (emcee/producer) released a record they created in early 2003 known as the Attack of the Zombie King, released on the Mole's Motion recordings. Motion Recordings would also go on to release a maxi-single of the song "Bloody Flags," which featured Demune. This single came from Ancient Mith's first full length album "His Story in the Faking", in which Demune recorded, mixed, and co-produced. (The Mole would later pen a feature article on Demune for Maui Time, in which he reviewed Demune not only as an artist, but as a roommate). He also collaborated with Maui favorite Gomega founded by Kanoa.

During this time period Demune took part in organizing B-boy battles in Maui with the a group known as the Cafeteria. They are most recognized for the "Represent" battles where a promotional crew known as 4 Corners from the Island of Oahu, flew a selection of its best b-boys and emcees to the island of Maui to battle Maui's finest.

In 2005, Demune appeared on the Rushya/Mattr split 12 inch record release on Subversiv* Records with a remix of "Fertile Infertile Environments".

In 2006, Ponowai Flora released Demune's first full-length solo album, Crossbreeding & Grafting with beats produced variously by The Mole, Mattr, DJ Chaosity, Orphan, and himself. It also featured guest spots from Bridgeport's Will the Moor, Kanoa of Gomega, DJ Apostle, DJ Platelunch, and Ancient Mith. Cover art for the album was done by Imaone.During this period Demune opened shows for The Living Legends, Zion One, and Writers Block.

In 2007, Ponowai Flora released Demune's Remix CD entitled "Crossbreeding and Grafting / Fossils." It contained remixes from "Crossbreeding and Grafting", "The Attack of the Zombie King...", and "EXN", as well as two previously unreleased songs. All remixes were entirely produced by musicians (Cars and Trains, Mattr, Ji Freedom, Mole, Nejel Mongrel, J. Luxenbourg, Yosef Una, Etc. ) other than Demune, and several of the tracks on the album had the vocals completely rerecorded to better mesh with the music of the remix. The cover art was done by Erica Reininger. Shortly after its release he toured France and Germany on an eight show tour over a period of two weeks.

During the same year he was featured on a Japanese hip hop release called "Immigrate Us / No Man's Religion," as well as a Ponowai Flora music sampler that was released on both vinyl and CD.


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