Delphine Records

Delphine Records

Delphine Records or Delphine Productins is a French record label, founded in 1976 by French composer Paul de Senneville and his partner Olivier Toussaint


In 1976, Paul de Senneville set up his own record company, Delphine Productions (named after Paul's first daughter, Delphine), with Olivier Toussaint.

Delphine in one of the leading French music exporters to the world market. It is also the only company specialising in instrumental music. Nowadays, the Delphine group represent 15 companies dealing with various activities: an advertising film and clip production company, an agency for advertising and casting actors and a casting agency as well as two modelling agencies.

Delphine Records artists

Richard Clayderman

Nicolas de Angelis

Jean-Claude Borelly

Ocarina group

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