Delikatessen (OOMPH! album)

Delikatessen (OOMPH! album)

Delikatessen is the third compilation album by the German band Oomph!, released under GUN. Includes all the singles of the band and 2 previously unreleased tracks: a revisited version of their previos hit "Gekreuzigt", and a cover of the band Frankie Goes To Hollywood, "The Power Of Love", being released as double single to promte the compilation. The Special Edition of the album comes with a second disc featuring b-sides and remixes from their respective singles.

By 16 February the compilation was re-released to feature updated version of Träumst du (one with Marta Jandova's vocals). The compilation was released in a slider-box format on 15 June, 2007. Another re-release of the compilation featuring as second disc the Rohstoff DVD -"Delikatessen Vs Rohstoff"- was released on December 2007.

Track listing

  • CD #1
  • Gekreuzigt 2006
  • Augen Auf! - from "Wahrheit oder Pflicht"
  • Träumst du - from "GlaubeLiebeTod"
  • Fieber (feat. Nina Hagen) (single edit) - from "Fieber" single
  • Supernova - from "Ego"
  • Brennende Liebe (feat. L'Âme Immortelle) - from "Brennende Liebe" single
  • Das letzte Streichholz - from "GlaubeLiebeTod"
  • Das weiße Licht - from "Plastik"
  • Gott ist ein Popstar - from "GlaubeLiebeTod"
  • Sex hat keine Macht (single edit) - from "Sex hat keine Macht" single
  • The Power of Love
  • Die Schlinge - from "GlaubeLiebeTod"
  • Unsere Rettung - from "Unrein"
  • Ich bin du - from "OOMPH!"
  • Der neue Gott - from "OOMPH!"
  • Niemand - from "Niemand" single
  • Sex - from "Sperm"
  • Wunschkind - from "Wunschkind"
  • Ice-Coffin - from "Defekt"
  • CD #2 (available only with the limited digipack edition)
  • Weißt du wie viel Sterne stehen? - from "Gott ist ein Popstar" single
  • Zauberstab - from "Die Schlinge" single
  • Die Hölle kann warten - from "Das letzte Streichholz" single
  • Polizisten - from "Die Schlinge" single
  • The World Is Yours - from "Sex hat keine Macht" single
  • Der Präsident ist tot - from "Das letzte Streichholz" single
  • Kill Me Again - from "Brennende Liebe" single
  • Eiszeit - from "Brennende Liebe" single
  • Fragment - from "Gott ist ein Popstar" single
  • Asshole - from "Ice-Coffin" single
  • Feiert das Kreuz (Pope Mix) - from "3+1" single
  • U Said (Primary Mix) - from "Breathtaker" single
  • Fleisch - from "3+1" single
  • A.L.I.V.E. - from "Ice-Coffin" single
  • Sex hat keine Macht (Transporterraum Remix) - from "Sex hat keine Macht" single
  • Gott ist ein Popstar (Silverstar Remix)
  • Brennende Liebe (Transporterraum Remix) - from "Brennende Liebe" single
  • Das letzte Streichholz ([:SITD:] Remix) - from "Das Letzte Streichholz" single
  • Augen Auf! (Freizeichen vs. OOMPH! Mix) - from "Augen Auf!" single


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