Delicious Generation

Delicious Generation

The Delicious Generation is the name given to a group of Macintosh software developers who value attractive user interface design over bare functionality in the software they write. Often criticized for focusing too heavily on form at the expense of function, members of the Delicious Generation claim instead that the strength of the Macintosh development environment makes software development easier and quicker, allowing them time to concentrate on making their applications more attractive.

This moniker was first coined by Paul Kafasis, CEO of Rogue Amoeba, to distinguish this new group from the “Old School” who produce cleaner, simpler interfaces for their applications. It refers to the software company Delicious Monster and their product, Delicious Library, which Kafasis sees as largely responsible for the shift in attitude among some developers. The name may have been meant as an insult, but its intended targets have regardless adopted it as their own.

Appearance at Shows

Recently, the companies or software products first given this nickname have set up a website and regularly schedule parties or meetups to coincide with events organised by Apple such as Macworld Conference & Expo or WWDC.

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