Deepdale Street railway station

Deepdale Street railway station

Deepdale Street railway station was the original Preston terminus of the Preston and Longridge Railway in Lancashire, England, when it first opened in 1840. It was located in Deepdale Street, off Deepdale Road, on what was then the outskirts of Preston. The rail line was originally designed to carry quarried stone from Longridge to Preston, so the passenger facilities were quite rudimentary and there were many sidings near the station for unloading stone.

In 1856, passenger services were diverted to a new line via and Miley Tunnel to a new terminus at . Deepdale Street was closed to passengers but continued to be used for goods, even long after the rest of the line had closed. A coal depot in Deepdale Street, served by the railway, did not close until the 1990s.

Tracks connecting Deepdale Street to the West Coast Main Line via Miley Tunnel still exist although they are now rusty and overgrown.


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