Dedza is a township in the Central Region of Malawi.

Dedza is located about 85 km south of Malawi's capital just off the M1. The town consists of two parallel main shopping streets with a market at one end and a bus station at the other. The rest of the town spreads out around these covering a large area.A new market and a new bus station have recently been built and stadium is under construction.

One of the key employers in Dedza, as well as tourist attractions, is the "Dedza Pottery and Lodge" operated by Paragon Ceramics.

The town has many schools including Dedza Government Secondary School, popularly known as "Box 48", The Dedza Government Primary School and Umbwi Secondary School.

"Box 48" used to be the best known secondary school in Malawi before Kamuzu Academy was established. Students (boys only) who obtained highest grades at Primary School Leaving Certificate Examinations (PSLCE), sat in Standard 8, the final class in Malawi's government education system, used to be sent to "Box 48". Local establishments include "The Rainbow Bar and Resthouse", "Winners Lodge", "The Boyz Club" and "The Chimwenwe Bar".

Dedza lies at the foot of Dedza Mountain, one of the highest peaks in Malawi.

A UK-based charity - the Norwich Dedza Partnership - was established in 2005 to support the relief of poverty and sickness, and to promote the good health and education of the people of Dedza. The charity is based in Norwich, UK, and activities include twinning of Norwich schools with Dedza, educational visits from local teachers, and the supply of aid such as computers and medical equipment.


Year Population
1987 16 899
1998 15 259
2008 15 753

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