Decomposition temperature

Self Accelerating Decomposition Temperature

The Self Accelerating Decomposition Temperature (abbreviated SADT) is the lowest temperature at which an organic peroxide in a typical vessel or shipping package will undergo a self-accelerating decomposition.
This reaction can be violent, usually rupturing the vessel or container dispersing peroxide, liquid and gaseous decomposition products considerable distances. The heat generated might autoignite flammable vapors. There is generally a period of time after the SADT is reached and before the decomposition becomes violent. The length of time depends upon how much the SADT is exceeded, which can greatly accelerate the decomposition. As a rule of thumb, the SADT tends to decrease with increasing packaging size.

Although a number of organic peroxides can safely be stored at room temperature, most require some form of temperature control. For long storage periods, the organic peroxide is usually kept at a lower temperature than the maximum safe storage temperature as determined by the SADT.


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