December 7th

Live Shepherds Bush Empire December 7th 2007

Shepherds Bush Empire December 7th 2007 is the first release in indie folk musician Josh Rouse Bedroom Classics Closet Archives. A subscription download service available at It is a live recording of his December 2007 performance at The Shepherds Bush Empire in London, England, part of his Country Mouse City House European tour.

Josh's notes on this recording at The Bedroom Classics Closet Archives are as follows: Same line up as the SBE 2006 performance but with the addition of keyboardist Mike Cruz. We're trying to find the 2006 show with the string quartet.This was our 4th time playing at SBE and I couldn't help but notice that people cram up to that front rail and just weirds me out because it seems they don't a word or even who I am. As for the other 1500 people they seem to know at least a few songs. Maybe the ones up front realized it wasn't a good idea to get so smooshed. The recording is a stereo mic and 2 channels from board. Enjoy!!!

Track listing

  1. "1972"
  2. "Sweetie"
  3. "It's the Nightime"
  4. "My Love Has Gone"
  5. "Hollywood Bassplayer"
  6. "Nice to fit In"
  7. "Comeback"
  8. "Love Vibration"
  9. "Why Won't You Tell Me"
  10. "It Looks Like Love"
  11. "Carolina"
  12. "London Bridges"
  13. "Late Night Conversation"
  14. "Quiet Town"
  15. "His Majesty Rides"
  16. "Slaveship"
  17. "Winter In the Hamptons"
  18. "Directions"
  19. "Sad Eyes"

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