Death Race (film)

Death Race (film)

Death Race is an action film written and directed by Paul W. S. Anderson. The film is a remake of the 1975 film Death Race 2000, based on Ib Melchior's short story "The Racer", and stars Jason Statham in the lead role. The remake had been in development since 2002, though production was delayed by disapproval of early screenplays then placed in turnaround following a dispute between Paramount Pictures and the producer duo Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner. Death Race was acquired by Universal Studios, and Anderson re-joined the project to write and direct. Filming began in Montreal in August 2007, and the completed project was released on August 22, 2008.


Within four years from 2008 the economy of the United States has fallen into disaster, Unemployment and crime rises, and private corporations run most prisons across the nation for profit. The movie focuses on the Terminal Island Prison, which broadcast "Death Race" to the world via a popular paysite on internet. Death Race is not only a race to the finish line, but a battle pitting car against car.

The film begins by showing a race near its end between Machine Gun Joe (Tyrese Gibson) and a famous masked driver known as Frankenstein (David Carradine in a cameo appearance), who is accompanied by a female navigator. Frank's defensive systems fail, and Joe destroys Frank's car (his navigator ejects), presumably leaving Frankenstein critically wounded, or dead.

Jensen Ames (Jason Statham) is framed for his wife's murder on the same day that the steel mill he works at closes; the murderer is actually a masked intruder that points a finger-gun at Ames as he leaves. Ames is sent to prison where he is coerced by the sadistic prison warden, Hennessey (Joan Allen) to become the new driver of Frankenstein's Ford Mustang. She tells Ames that she knows of his baby that was left in foster care, and that prisoners are freed upon winning five Death Races, but since he will take on the mask of the legendary Frankenstein, who had 4 wins at the time of his death, he will only need to win one race. The races are broken apart into three stages: Stage 1 and 2 are races in which the driver must survive, and Stage 3 you must win the race in order for it to add to the count towards freedom.

Just before the Stage 1 Race, Ames is introduced to his navigator, Case (Natalie Martinez), who happens to be Frankenstein's previous navigator. During the race, Ames see another driver, Pachenko, make the same hand gesture as the intruder that killed his wife. Three drivers are killed during Stage 1: Siad, Grimm, and Travis Colt. Ames finishes last after taking a hard hit from Machine Gun Joe.

Ames learns he is part of a plot to keep the legend of Frankenstein alive, solely for the personal profit of Hennessey. He confronts Hennessey about the driver, but instead she shows him pictures of his baby living with foster parents, asking him if he thinks he could provide for his baby better than the foster parents. Angered, he takes one of the pictures and leaves. The night before Stage 2 he makes a trip to the garage of Pachenko's team to confront him. He is beaten down by a few members of the team but is helped by a member of his garage allowing Ames to retaliate and nearly kill Pachenko. His revenge is thwarted by the prison guards telling them to save it for the race.

Ames goes into the Stage 2 race and immediately questions Case on her intentions. She tells him she was ordered to sabotage Frankenstein's defense weapons so he would not win his freedom, and thereby earn her own. Ames realizes he is not meant to survive the Death Race at all, but is meant to die so another "Frankenstein" can be brought into the prison to keep viewers paying to see the races. He seeks revenge during Stage 2 by crippling and rolling Pachenko's car allowing him to turn around drive back and to get revenge up close and personal by snapping Pachenko's neck as he crawls away from the car wreck. Five drivers remain until 14K, Carson, and Riggins are killed by 'The Dreadnought', Hennessy's secret weapon (an 18 wheel tank truck filled with massive machine guns) that had been in production for months. Ames and Machine Gun Joe are able to destroy The Dreadnought and finish Stage 2. Realizing that Ames knows what's going on, Hennessey has Ames' car armed with an explosive before the Stage 3 Race as insurance to make sure he does not cross the finish line alive. However, Ames devises his own scheme from an image shown by one of his crew members of a destroyed billboard in an earlier race, and tells Joe that he and Frankenstein should talk.

The Stage 3 Race begins with only two drivers remaining: "Frankenstein" and Machine Gun Joe. The race begins, and Ames soon takes the lead. However, the odds are against Ames as Hennessey rigs the track to benefit Joe. Throughout the entire lap, Joe keeps hot on Ames' tail, and as they near the beginning of the second lap, Joe preps newly added missiles and fires an RPG in Ames' direction. However, they seem to miss the car and instead hit the billboard at the first turn of the track. It is shown that the image Ames saw was a pathway to the bridge leading off the island to the mainland behind the destroyed billboard.

Ames and Joe escape onto the bridge, pursued by police cruisers and helicopters. As the cruisers close in on the two cars, Ames releases his exposed fuel tank, causing it to explode and stop the pursuing cars. Turning to her back up plan, Hennessey then orders that the explosive under Ames' car be set off, but nothing happens because Coach (Ames' crew member) had found, removed, and deactivated the bomb prior to the start of the race. Escaping past the bridge, Joe and Ames separate, and Hennessey orders the helicopters to focus on Ames, but he switches seats with Case when she tells him that Hennessey had already signed her release papers for her work, and that she owed one to the old Frankenstein. He jumps from the car leading the helicopters to believe he is still inside. Joe meets up with Ames and they board a train to escape, lamenting on Hennessey's continued existence. Soon, Ames' Mustang is stopped and "Frankenstein" is apprehended.

Later, Hennessey believes she still won after all, as a guard notifies her about presents sent to her for the record number of viewers subscribing to the Death Race. However, the explosive that was put on the Frankenstein car is inside, and Coach blows them up.

Six months later, Ames and Joe are shown working in a junkyard in Mexico, when Case unexpectedly arrives. The two men are happy to see her, and Case meets Ames' baby, Piper. The movie closes with Ames explaining that even though he knows he's far from being the best parent in the world, no one could love his baby more than he could.


  • Jason Statham as Jensen Ames, a prisoner coerced to drive in the arena, becoming known as Frankenstein.
  • Tyrese Gibson as "Machine Gun Joe" Joseph Mason, a sociopathic racer who looks to escape from prison and has a habit of killing his navigators.
  • Joan Allen as Hennessey, the sadistic prison warden.
  • Jason Clarke as Ulrich, Hennesey's right hand man
  • Ian McShane as Coach, Frankenstein's loyal mechanic.
  • Natalie Martinez as Elizabeth Jayne Case, Frankenstein's navigator.
  • Jacob Vargas as Gunner, Ames car repair man.
  • Fredrick Koehler as Lists, another member of Ames's pit crew and a bit of a nerd
  • Robert LaSardo as Grimm, a certified psychopath taking part in the race
  • Justin Mader as Travis Colt, a disgraced ex-NASCAR driver seeking to rebuild his career by winning the race
  • Robin Shou as 14K, another contestant and tenth-generation Triad
  • Max Ryan as Pachenko, a rival driver Ames clashes with several times
  • John Fallon as Neo Nazi, one of the thugs in Pachenko's gang
  • David Carradine as Frankenstein in the beginning of the film (voice over).


In March 2002, director Paul W.S. Anderson revealed that he was directing a remake of Death Race 2000 (1975) entitled Death Race 3000 at Paramount Pictures based on a script by J. F. Lawton. The remake would be produced by the producer pair Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner. Anderson described the remake as a riff on the first film. "It's not a straight remake at all. The first movie was an across-America race. This will be an around-the-world race. And it's set further in the future, so the cars are even more futuristic. So you've got cars with rockets, machine guns, force fields; cars that can split apart and re-form, a bit like Transformers. Cars that become invisible," the director explained. Two years later, Roger Corman, the producer of Death Race 2000, elaborated that he had an option agreement with producer Tom Cruise, and that Cruise would portray the lead role. The director said that Cruise had not been happy with the first two screenplays and that a third one was underway. In June 2006, producer Jeremy Bolt reported that Anderson would direct the remake of Death Race 2000 after completing Resident Evil: Extinction (2007). The producer described the remake's new tone: "We've basically taken the idea of reality television and extended it twenty years. So it's definitely a comment on society, and particularly reality television, but it is not as much a parody or a satire as the original. It's more straight. The following August, Paramount ended its relationship with Cruise/Wagner Productions, and Death Race was placed in turnaround. According to reports, when the project was discovered available, Universal Studios acquired it. Cruise and Wagner resumed their roles as producers, and Anderson returned to write and direct the film.

In April 2007, actor Jason Statham entered negotiations to star in Death Race, with production slated to begin in late summer or early fall. Anderson described that Death Race would take place in a prison, and that the film would be "super-violent" like its predecessor. "It has little echoes of the original – a lot of people get run down, but rather than having the points system, which had no pay off anyway, it’s a pure race. It’s more like Gladiator, with the last person standing – or driving, winning," explained the director. Filming on Death Race began in Montreal in August 2007.


The film was originally scheduled for release on September 26, 2008, but was moved to August 22.

Critical reaction

The film has received generally poor reviews from critics. It currently holds a 40% "Rotten" rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and a rating of 41 out of 100 on Metacritic.

Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the film half a star (out of four), calling it "an assault on all the senses, including common. Keith Phipps of The Onion's A.V. Club said the film is "ideal for those who want to watch a bunch of cars blow each other up, without having to think about it all that much. Robert Koehler of Variety called Death Race "as hard as metal and just as dumb" and criticized it for removing the humor of Death Race 2000. Marc Savlov of the Austin Chronicle called Death Race "one of the most boring drags of all time.

Peter Hartlaub of the San Francisco Chronicle called the film "an ill-advised and severely wussified remake. Elizabeth Weitzman of the New York Daily News gave the film one and a half stars (out of four), calling it "junk" and saying that "the chases are pretty cool, but there's absolutely nothing else to see. A positive review came from Nathan Lee of The New York Times, who said that "the movie is legitimately greasy, authentically nasty, with a good old-fashioned sense of laying waste to everything in sight. James Berardinelli of ReelViews awarded Death Race a score of two and a half stars (out of four), saying that it's "weak when it comes to things like plot, character, and acting, but it's very good at provoking visceral reactions.


The score to Death Race was composed by Paul Haslinger who recorded the string portion of his score with the Hollywood Studio Symphony at the Sony Scoring Stage.

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack was released on August 19th, 2008.

Similarities to the original

  • Frankenstein wears a mask and black leather jumpsuit. When outside his car he never removes his mask.
  • Machine Gun Joe is a gangster in this version as well.
  • Like Matilda The Hun, there is a character with a fascist theme. Pachenko is leader of a white power skinhead gang who wears a swastika and a confederate flag.
  • In both films there is an all-American contestant: the cowgirl Calamity Jane and ex-NASCAR racer Travis Colt. Both have names related to the Old West (Jane was named after a gunslinger, Colt was named after the gun) and both are blown up; Jane is destroyed by a landmine and Colt's Jaguar XJS crashes and explodes.
  • All but two of the cars have a female navigator (one contestant drives alone while Joe's navigators are men).
  • Frankenstein's navigator is under orders to stop Frankenstein winning the race.
  • There is more than one Frankenstein. When the original dies a replacement is trained to take on his role.
  • The death race is used to keep the people happy and divert attention from the country's economic crisis.
  • Joe kills members of his own pit crew: intentionally in the original, accidentally in the remake while shooting at Frankenstein.
  • Frankenstein's navigator disguises herself in his costume to deceive the authorities
  • In both films there is an authoritarian tyrant: Mr President (original) and Hennesey (remake) who get killed by Frankenstein at the end. Both their deaths involve a bomb; in the original Frankenstein planned to kill the president with a grenade while in the remake Ames sends Hennesey the explosive she planned to kill him with (which Coach detonates in revenge for tampering with his car).


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