Death Before Musick

Death Before Musick

Death Before Musick, by Amen was released on EatUrMusic/Columbia/Sony Records on 18th May 2004. The album, like the band's previous records, belongs to the Hardcore & Punk genres and draws on Heavy metal as influence.

Track listing

  1. "Liberation for..."
  2. "Hello (One Chord Lovers)"
  3. "California's Bleeding"
  4. "The Abolishment of Luxury"
  5. "Money Infection"
  6. "Westwood Fallout"
  7. "Oblivion Stereo"
  8. "Please Kill Me"
  10. "We Got the Bait"
  11. "Neutron Liars"
  12. "Sorry, Not Sorry"
  13. "Bring Me the Heads"
  14. "F*** in LA"
  15. "The Summer of Guns"
  16. "Many Deaths Of..." (Japanese edition)
  17. "Bye USA" (Japanese edition)
  18. "Daycare Tourniquet" (Japanese edition)
  19. "Exit Masses Noose" (Japanese edition)

Studio Personnel

Casey Chaos: vocals, guitars, bass
Shannon Larkin: drums

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