Deadlock (metal band)

Deadlock (metal band)

Deadlock is German Melodic Death Metal band from East Bavaria, Germany, which also incorporates techno/dance infulences.


Deadlock incorporate Melodic Death Metal as well as some metalcore aspects like bands such as Killswitch Engage. What makes this band different is the combination of death growls by vocalist Johannes Prem, and the clean vocals of Sabine Weniger. Also included in their sound is techno sections, ofter used as intros but sometimes used as a whole breakdown section, where the 'Metal' completely cuts out and a techno beat starts.

Most of their lyrics are about animal cruelty as all band members are vegans


Formed in 1997 as a death metal band, they released the 7" Vinyl Deadlock in 1999. After this came the EP I`ll Wake You, When Spring Awakes in 2000.

2002 saw the release of their first album, The Arrival. The album featured keyboards, and guest clean vocals from Sabine Weniger.

Their next album, Earth.Revolt featured Sabine on full time female clean vocals.

Their next, Wolves, was released in 2007, and featured techno beats.

Their new album, Manifesto, will be released in November 2008.



   * 2007: Wolves
   * 2005: Earth.Revolt
   * 2002: The Arrival


   * 1999: Deadlock (7 " Vinyl)
   * 2000: I'll Wake You When jump Awakes (EP)
   * 2003: Deadlock/Six Reasons ton of Kill Split

External Links

   *   Offical Website
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