Day light savings time

Nightline (New Zealand TV series)

Nightline is a New Zealand late night news show currently hosted by Samantha Hayes. Nightline, hosted usually in the 10.30pm to 11.00pm timeslot, has a high focus on the arts and current events. It competes directly with TVNZ's Tonight show. Nightline generally runs the entire year, its timeslot being pushed later on some occasions to cater to long-running shows, but traditionally takes a short break over the Christmas period. Previous hosts have included Carly Flynn, Carolyn Robinson, Leanne Malcolm and Sarah Bradley.

Late Night Bites

Late Night Bites aired its final segment on 21 September, 2006. Late Night Bites was a weekly segment on Nightline. It was a collection of themed websites, with past themes like 'What to do with your extra day light savings time' and 'Around the world'. The presenter for this segment was Natasha Utting, now on Campbell Live.

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