Dax Cars

Dax Cars

Dax Cars is a British sports car manufacturer founded in 1979 and based in Harlow, Essex, England.

The company, whose official name is D.J. Sportscars International Ltd, started as a fibreglass moulding company before becoming the first British company to make a kit based replica of the AC 427 Cobra .


In 1985 John Tojeiro, the original designer of the AC Ace chassis became a director of the company and the car was renamed the Dax Tojeiro. The Tojeiro has undergone continuous development and in 2008 was available with a choice of rear suspension and can accommodate most American V8 and Jaguar engines including the V12. Automatic or manual transmission can be used and power steering is another option. A leather trimmed interior kit is available.


The company also produce the Rush, a Lotus 7 type car. The main kit is based around the Ford Sierra and can even use the four wheel drive system from the Sierra 4x4. For extreme performance large V8 engines can also be fitted. The Rush MC is a lightweight version designed to accept motor cycle engines.


Launched in 1985, the Californian was a Porsche 356 lookalike based around VW Beetle components.


The Nevada was an off-roader type vehicle using a space frame tubular chassis and VW Beetle engine announced in 1985.

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