David Dreman

David Dreman

David Dreman is a noted investor, who founded and is Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Dreman Value Management, an investment company. The company focuses on the assets of mutual funds, pension, foundation, and endowment funds, as well as high net-worth individuals.

He has published many scholarly articles and he has written three books. Dreman also writes a column for Forbes Magazine. Dreman is on the board of directors of the Institute of Behavioral Finance, publisher of the Journal of Behavioral Finance.

Previously, Dreman was Director of New York Research for Rauscher Pierce Refsnes Securities Corp., Senior Investment Officer with J & W Seligman, and Senior Editor with the Value Line Investment Service.

Mr. Dreman is also the co-editor of the academic journal, The Journal of Psychology and Financial Markets, a Director of the IFREE Foundation, whose founder Vernon Smith was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics, and President of the Dreman Foundation.

Dreman was awarded a Doctor of Laws Degree from the University of Manitoba in 1999 and is a member of the Board of Trustees of the University of Manitoba.


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  • Contrarian Investment Strategies: The Next Generation. 1998. Simon & Schuster. ISBN 0-684-81350-5.

Scholarly Articles

Dreman has written many more articles. These are just a sampling of some of the more recent articles.

  • Do Contrarian Strategies Work Within Industries? David Dreman and Eric Lufkin, 1997. Journal of Investing. abstract
  • Analyst Forecast Errors and Their Implications for Security Analysis. David Dreman and M.A. Berry, 1995. Financial Analysts' Journal.
  • Investor Overreaction: Evidence that its Basis is Psychological. David Dreman and Eric Lufkin, 2000.
  • Bubbles and the Role of Analysts' Forecasts. David Dreman, 2002. The Journal of Psychology and Financial Markets (now The Journal of Behavioral Finance).
  • A Report on the March 2001 Investor Sentiment Survey. David Dreman, S. Johnson, D. MacGregor and Paul Slovic, 2001. The Journal of Psychology and Financial Markets (now The Journal of Behavioral Finance). article

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