Prefecture: Kefalonia
Province: Kranoi
Municipality: Argostoli
Municipal districts: Davgata

Argostoli Gulf
40310 m
Evmorfia (1,043 m) or
about 620 m
Postal code: 281 00
Area/distance code: 11-(00)30-26710-84xxx
Car designation: KE

Davgata (Δαυγάτα) is a small settlement in the island of Kefalonia and is also in the Potamana region in Greece. Davgata located 7 km north of Argostoli, WSW of Sami and northeast of the Argostoli-Fiskardo Road. Davgata is passed by the road linking the Argostoli-Fiskardo Road at aprooximately at the 5th kilometre and Dilinata. Davgata is situated on a mountail slope and a small valley to the east that are filled with farmlands. The mountains cover the area around Davgata, about 1 to 2 km west is the Argostoli Gulf. The mountains features grasslands and bushes. Davgata is famous for its Museum of Natural History and featurezs flora and fauna as well as wildlife, the museum was first opened in 1996. The mountaintop of Evmorfia elevating up to 1,043 m is almost due northeast and except for the summer months, the mountain does not block the sun during the morning hours.

Much of the population are rural and the main economy is based on agriculture. The income is in the middle range. Much of the population from the mid-20th century left for larger towns and mainly cities. The 1953 Ionian Earthquake destroyed every building in Davgata that took months to rebuilt, it also lost people in the village. The entire population that time as well as other parts of the island were homeless and part of the population left Davgata.

Nearest places

Historical population

Year Population Change
1991 125 9/7.76%
2001 128 3/2.4%


Davgata has a small school, a church named Saint George, and a square (plateia).

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