Dave Sahadi

List of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling employees

This is a list of current Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) employees, organized by role within the promotion. The alias of the employees are written to the left, while the employee's real name is written in parenthesis to the right; employees without a name in parenthesis, refers that an alias is not in use.


Male wrestlers

Female wrestlers

Other on-air talent


Inactive talent

Stables and tag teams

Corporate Management

Executive Officers

  • Steve Allison - Chief Marketing Officer
  • Andy Barton - Senior Vice President of Live events and Licensing
  • Dixie Carter - President
  • Steven Godfrey - Manager of Public Relations
  • Brian Hughes - Chief Operating Officer
  • Bob Ryder - Director Of Bookings
  • Dave Sahadi - Director of Production
  • Chris Sobol - Vice President of Operations
  • Kevin Sullivan - Director of Video Production
  • Dan Stevenson - Director of Marketing
  • Terry Taylor (Paul Taylor) - Director of Talent Relations
  • Jason Walker - Director of Licensing

Creative Team

Road Agents

Other personnel

  • Joe Doering - Under contract; competing in All Japan Pro Wrestling
  • Hector Guerrero - Spanish Commentator/Road Agent
  • Dale Oliver - Music director
  • Willie Urbina - Spanish commentator

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