Dave Hull

Dave Hull

Dave Hull, aka The Hullabalooer, is a legendary Los Angeles radio personality voted one of the top ten LA radio personalities of all time.

Hull began his radio career in 1955 at KGFL in Roswell, New Mexico. He reached Los Angeles' KRLA in 1964. By the end of 1964, Hull's increasing popularity prompted one young female fan, Suzie Cappetta, to write and record a song entitled "Dave Hull The Hullabalooer", which quickly reached the local top 40 charts by early 1965. Hull became close with The Beatles during their 1965 and 1966 American tours. During that time, Hull taped approximately fourteen interviews with the band. He, along with Bob Eubanks, planned The Beatles' 1966 concert at the Hollywood Bowl. His work with the band earned him the honorary title of "fifth Beatle." Hull worked closely with The Beach Boys, The Dave Clark Five and The Rolling Stones during that period.

He got his nickname while working at WONE in Dayton, Ohio. LA radio historian Don Barrett quotes Hull as saying: "A woman wrote me from a hotel outside Dayton to say she couldn't stand all that hullabaloo. Well, Webster's defined it as a 'tumultuous outroar,' so I used it."

Dave hosted the nationally syndicated TV show "Matchmaker" in the late 1980's, reportedly seen in over 100 markets.

Today, Hull lives in California's Coachella Valley and is still active in radio despite his attempts to retire. He has held the 6-midnight slot on one of the country's few remaining beautiful music stations, KWXY, since 1997. He also remains active as a voiceover for national radio and television commercials.

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