Datanomic is a software engineering company based in Cambridge.

Datanomic's specialty is data quality management. Its software is employed to understand, improve, protect and control data quality; this in turn facilitates data integration, Master Data Management (MDM), Customer Data Integration (CDI) and data migration initiatives as well as providing a data quality firewall for customer relationship management (CRM) and other systems.

In 2006, Datanomic acquired Tranato and integrated its Phrase Profiling and parsing technology with Datanomic's data profiling, data auditing, data cleansing and data matching technology to create a software suite called .

Datanomic's software has been used by Barclaycard, Deutsche Bank, BellSouth and other major corporation to support anti-money laundering efforts, screen for illegal or barred entities, and other financial and data security efforts.

Datanomic specialises in non-customer name and address data, providing a framework to develop custom rules for specialist applications such as engineering, which the software was originally developed for.

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