Data backup

Backup&Recovery (Software)

Backup&Recovery is a data backup and recovery software product developed by X2 Digital ISV released on January 26th 2007 . The software is only available for Windows PCs and its compatibility with Vista is not stated.

The product features a range of backup mediums as well as features for adding software applications, emails and 'Special Folders' defined by Microsoft's CSIDL (Constant Special Item ID List) standard .


Development began in 2006 as part of the company's transition into Microsoft Windows-based business software products. The software, which has undergone three major revisions during development so far, is due to the be released in early 2007. The release version is expected to be in two distinct editions, Standard and Pro. The latter features additional security through User Accounts, as well as extra tools, CSIDL folder support, FTP and the BJA (Backup Job Archive) format of backup compression (designed and utilised solely by the Backup&Recovery programme).

However, the core building blocks of both versions are the same. The standard version is cited as being built using the same high-level engine and source code, and it is only the availability of certain features, and a subtle change in the GUI, that differentiates the two versions from one another.

Originally the product was due for release at the end of 2006, hoping to take advantage of the sales in new Windows Vista-ready PCs for both businesses and homes, however several development issues, notably with the support for Windows Vista caused delays. The release was put back to late February 2007.

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