Darko Suvin

Darko Suvin

Darko Ronald Suvin (born July, 19, 1930) is a Yugoslav-born academic and critic, who became a Professor at McGill University in Montreal — now emeritus. He was born in Zagreb, capital of Croatia, and after teaching at the department for comparative literature at Zagreb University, moved to Canada in 1968. He is best known for several major works of criticism and literary history devoted to science fiction.

He was editor of Science-Fiction Studies (later respelled as Science Fiction Studies) from 1973 to 1980. After his retirement from McGill in 1999, he lives in Lucca, Italy.


  • Dva vida dramaturgije: eseji o teatarskoj viziji (Zagreb 1964) — "Two aspects of dramaturgy: essays on theatrical vision", in Croatian language
  • Od Lukijana do Lunjika (Zagreb 1965) — "From Lucian to Lunik", in Croatian, anthology and theory of science fiction. Major parts of this book and other early essays, published in the 1960s in Croatian language, were later reworked for Metamorphoses of Science Fiction.
  • Other Worlds, Other Seas: Science-Fiction Stories from Socialist Countries (1970) and later editions — editor, with preface
  • Uvod u Brechta (Zagreb 1970) — "Introduction into Brecht", in Croatian language
  • Russian Science Fiction, 1956-1970: A Bibliography (1971) and later editions
  • Andere Welten, andere Meere (1972) and later editions — German translation of Other Wolds, Other Seas
  • Autres mondes, autres mers (1973) — French translation of Other Worlds, Other Seas
  • Science-Fiction Studies: Selected Articles on Science Fiction, 1973-1975 (1976) — editor with R. D. Mullen
  • Dramatika Iva Vojnovića: geneza i struktura (Dubrovnik, Vol. 20, 1977, issue 5-6) — "Ivo Vojnovic's Dramatics: Genesis and Structure", the whole issue of the magazine printed Suvin's PhD from University of Zagreb; often wrongly cited as the book
  • Pour une poétique de la science-fiction : études en théorie et en histoire d'un genre littéraire (Montreal 1977) — first world edition of Metamorphoses of Science Fiction; although in French, it seems it was translated from English manuscript
  • H. G. Wells and Modern Science Fiction (1977) — edited by Darko Suvin, with Robert M. Philmus
  • Science-Fiction Studies: Selected Articles on Science Fiction, 1976-1977 (1978) — editor with R. D. Mullen
  • Metamorphoses of Science Fiction: On the Poetics and History of a Literary Genre (1979)
  • Poetik und Science Fiction. Zur Theorie einer literarischen Gattung (1979) — German translation of Metamorphoses of Science Fiction
  • Victorian Science Fiction in the UK: The Discourses of Knowledge and Power (1983)
  • To Brecht and Beyond: Soundings in Modern Dramaturgy (1984)
  • The Long March, Notes on the Way 1981-1984, Poems (1987)
  • Positions and Presuppositions in Science Fiction (1988) — essays
  • Armirana Arkadija (Zagreb 1990) — poems in Croatian
  • Lessons of Japan: Assayings of Some Intercultural Stances (1997)
  • US Science Fiction and War/Militarism (Fictions, Studi sulla narrativita, Anno III, Pisa 2004, issue 3: 1-166) - guest editor, with Salvatore Proietti, special issue in English
  • Gdje smo? Kuda idemo? Za političku epistemologiju spasa: eseji za orijentaciju i djelovanje u oskudnom vremenu (Zagreb 2006) — "Where are we? Where are we going? For a political epistemology of salvation: essays for the orientation and doing in time of needs", in Croatian language (translated from English manuscript with author's supervision)
  • "Spoznaja, sloboda, The Dispossessed kao klasik" (In: Ubiq, literary magazine for science fiction, Zagreb 2008, No. 2) — "Cognition, Freedom, The Dispossessed as a Classic"; major work on Ursula K. Le Guin's novel, in Croatian translation with author's supervision, English version later printed in Paradoxa (2008, No. 21, Ursula K. Le Guin Issue)

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