Dano '63 Baritone

Dano '63 Baritone

The Dano '63 Baritone is an electric guitar made by Danelectro. It is based on the 1963 Silvertone 1457 guitar but with a longer 29.5 inch neck. The guitar is tuned a fourth lower than a standard guitar for a deeper sound. Baritone guitars gave Spaghetti Westerns soundtracks their distinctive sound. The guitar retails for $349. In March 2008, the '63 Baritone was among 7 baritones reviewed by Guitar Player. The reviewer enjoyed it, saying "this guitar’s charms are numerous enough that I found hating on it virtually impossible." He lauded it for it's clarity, noting it's "colorful highs and plenty of full-spectrum snap in all three pickup settings. The baritone was favorably reviewed in the May 2008 issue of Guitarist magazine, earning the title of "Guitarist Choice.


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