Dannyl is a main character in Trudi Canavan's highly acclaimed "The Black Magician Trilogy" (Book 1 "The Magicians' Guild", Book 2 "The Novice", Book 3 "The High Lord").


He is often described by Canavan as very tall, even for a magician, and has an intimidating presence which does not reflect his kind nature. It is assumed he is handsome as there are many references to surprise that he is unmarried.


He is seen as a kind and caring person, with a troubled past when he was a novice at the magician's guild. His sexual orientation is not indicated as heterosexual in the first book, Magicians' Guild, but he only realises himself he is in fact homosexual in book two, Novice. His friend and 'assumed' lover, Tayend, keep secret their affair but it is widely known that Tayend is in fact a 'lad' (slang for gay in the novel).

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