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This is Daniel Cook is a children's television series created by J. J. Johnson and Blair Powers and produced by Toronto's marblemedia and Sinking Ship Productions in association with Treehouse TV and is shown on both that network and TVO Kids (in Canada), Disney Channel (in the US), and on ABC2 (in Australia).

The show is about a young boy, Daniel Cook, learning new things and sharing his experiences and adventures with other kids his own age. For example, he learns about Morris dancing, Tae Kwon Do, gymnastics, and lawn bowling. He also visits a fire station, a YMCA, and more. Although he is no longer making This is Daniel Cook, Daniel is working on several other projects with the creators of This is Daniel Cook, that appeal to his fans as they grow up with him. The show was filmed in Toronto, Ontario. Every US episode is about 6 minutes long, while a half-hour version exists in Canada. The series has been sold to over 85 countries worldwide, and dubbed into 14 languages.

The series has also developed a six-volume book series distributed by Kids Can Press and produced by marblemedia. Five DVDs have also been released featuring episodes from the series.

There is another show that complements Daniel Cook, This is Emily Yeung, which premiered on Treehouse in the Fall of 2006.


In early 2007, The Children's Group released a soundtrack of This Is Daniel Cook on CD -- entitled Here We Are!, it features the show's theme and the music used on the series.

The soundtrack was nominated for a Juno Award, Canada's national music award, in 2008 for Best Children's Recording. Daniel himself is the youngest nominee in the history of the Juno Awards.


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Daniel Cook on Oprah

Daniel Cook appeared on the The Oprah Winfrey Show on Monday, February 12, 2007.

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