Dames in de Dop

Dames in de Dop

Dames in de Dop is a Dutch reality television show. The first season premiered in May 2007, which is based on the United Kingdom series Ladette to Lady. The show is currently airing its second season.

Show format

The series follows a group of ladettes (i.e. loud, foul-mouthed, uncultured and unpleasant women, who like to drink and smoke and who are often sexually promiscuous), who are given an old-fashioned six-week course in learning how to behave like a real lady. In the first season they were sent to Huis 't Velde, a International Butler Academy situated in Warnsveld, Gelderland. In the second season they were sent to Nieuw Rande, situated in Diepenveen, Overijssel. Nieuw Rande was specially re-opened in order to try and change the ladettes' habits. In each season nine ladettes were trained to be ladies.

Whilst in Nieuw Rande they are required to wear the special uniform: a tweed suit including a turquoise jacket, white blouse, and turquoise skirt, high-heeled shoes and a pearl necklace. They are taught under the supervision and guidance of five instructors and are given various tasks in deportment, elocution, etiquette and cookery. However if they can't live up to the standards of acting ladylike, they will be expelled. A ladette is expelled every episode, so, by the end of the programme there will only be three ladettes left. Then the teachers must decide upon one winner, depending on who they think has improved the most and how the ladettes performed in the final challenge.

Season Summary

Season Began airing Winner Runner-up Other contestants (in order of elimination) International destination(s)
Season 1 May 28, 2007 Anna Jonckers Lara Massen Jasmin Velders, Kirby Wonnink, Tamara Brun, Roxanne Brouwers, Demet Sari, Daisy Smid, Elli Palimeris Dubai,
Season 2 April 21, 2008 Michella Koxs Nancy Janssen Daisy Ten Brink, Susanne Kroon (quit), José Makkinga, Astrid Kemperman, Sandy Schuring, Cherish Walden, Sharon Spronk Zürich,

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