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The Brobecks is an American indie rock band, and is the full-time project of singer/songwriter Dallon Weekes. The band is unsigned and is based in Salt Lake City, Utah and Los Angeles, California. The band's sound uses a wide variety of instrumentation and has received critical acclaim from Spin and URB mgazine as well as other musicians.

Band Name Origin

Taken from The bands Livejournal:

"The name 'Brobecks' is an homage to the unpopular. Growing up, there was a particular student at school (Lets call him/her 'X' Brobeck.) who, every morning was called to the administrative office over the loudspeakers. Never mind the reason, but this went on for years. For all anyone knew this person didn't even exist. That was a romantic idea to me, and to a degree I had always identified with that. An anonymous person being in a crowd, but not really a part of it.

A 'Brobeck'."


The band began as a weekend hobby for Weekes shortly after he returned to Utah after living in Oklahoma for two years as a Mormon missionary. The groups name was inspired by a person from Dallons school days. The original line-up consisted of Dallon Weekes and two friends from high school and college: Scott Jones, and Matt Glass. After a few months of writing songs in Glass' basement, Mike Gross and Bryan Szymanski, also old friends, joined the band on guitar and piano. This line-up continued until mid 2003 when Jones quit the band and was replaced by Casey Durrans.
After this line-up was established, the group recorded its first Demo album in various garages and basements. It wasn't until after the album was complete that the band began to play shows. Quickly their live performances began to draw larger crowds and would fill the venues they were playing.
After a few months of shows, Durrans left the band and the groups second second basement album (Happiest Nuclear Winter)was recorded.

After its release, The Brobecks began to tour and did so for two years before Matt Glass and Bryan Szymanski left the group to pursue their college educations and were replaced with Nate Leslie and Dave Chisholm so that touring could happen more regularly. It was during this line-ups existence that the band was offered a contract from an imprit of Drive-Thru Records as well as Weekes being twice offered solo record contracts by both Sony and a smaller Indie label if he would drop his then band mates. Weekes declined both, later stating that he never even considered doing that to his band. However, after two years of more successful touring, dissatisfaction and personalities clashing in the line-up left Dallon needing to find more players to keep his band going. Drew Davidson (Drums) and Matt Seppi (guitar) filled the needed positions, and Weekes continued his group as a three-piece, and for the first time began writing more guitar oriented songs (The Small Cuts EP)

Shortly after that, The Brobecks received City Weekly's award for 2008 Indie Pop Band of the Year, repeating their win from the year before (2007).

In 2008, the single "Second Boys will Be First Choice" was added to the regular daily rotation of Salt Lake City radio station X96 (KXRK), something which had never been done with an unsigned act in the stations 20 plus year history. The song appeared immediately in the stations top ten daily songs. Within 2 days of the addition, the song hit #1 on on the daily top songs list, and stayed there for 13 consecutive days. Afterward it stayed in the top 10 for several weeks, and frequented the number one spot several times more. Feeling he had accomplished all he could in Salt Lake City, Weekes moved to southern California. Because not everyone was willing to make the commitment to move, yet another group of players was put together. The current Line up features Josh Rheault (Formerly of the Dear Hunter) and Ryan Seaman (Formerly of I Am Ghost). Recently Weekes finished recording the yet to be released album: Vaudevillains with Producer Casey Crescenzo of the band The Dear Hunter. The album will be the bands first official studio release.
Recently the song 'Love at First Sight'(From the forthcoming album.) debuted at #8 on x96's Top Ten daily songs list. The Brobecks were also invited to play the main stage at the 2008 Big Ass Show.


  • Dallon Weekes - Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Keys

Current Players

  • Josh Rheault - Guitar, Keys
  • Ryan Seaman - Drums
  • Connor Doyle - guitar


  • Understanding the Brobecks (2003) self released basement recordings
  • Happiest Nuclear Winter (2005) self released basement recordings
  • Goodnight, and Have a Pleasant Tomorrow (2006) self released
  • Small Cuts EP (2007) self released
  • Vaudevillains (no release date)


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