Dallas Observer

The Dallas Observer is a free alternative weekly newspaper distributed around the Dallas, Texas (USA) area with a circulation just under 100,000. At its inception, it was conceived as a weekly local arts and cinema review publication, with the credo "Advocate for Excellence in the Arts" on the cover. For a time during the early years, the paper switched to a biweekly publishing scheduling. Eventually, the paper reverted back to a weekly schedule, and began concentrating less on the arts. While it is now known for its investigative stories of the local government, it also covers local sports stories, restaurants, events, and concerts.

The former Mayor of Dallas, Laura Miller, previously worked as a reporter for the Dallas Observer.

Village Voice Media owns the paper, along with numerous other alternative weekly newspapers in the USA.

The Dallas Observer is a member of the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies.

Editorial Staff

  • Mark Donald; Editor
  • Patrick Williams; Managing Editor
  • Pete Freedman; Music Editor
  • Merritt Martin; Night & Day Editor
  • Noah W. Bailey; Night & Day Editor
  • Rich Lopez; Clubs Editor
  • Michelle Mathews; Editorial Operations Manager
  • Kaitlin Ingram; Editorial Assistant
  • Sam Merten; Editorial Fellow

Staff Writers


  • Danna Berger
  • Christine Biederman
  • Stephanie Durham
  • Dave Faries
  • John Thomas Freeman
  • Bill Gallo
  • Leah Gerchario
  • Kelsey Guy
  • Jesse Hughey
  • Matt Hursh
  • Emily Jacobs
  • Geoff Johnston
  • Melissa Levine
  • Elaine Liner
  • John MacCormack
  • Stephanie Morris
  • Jean Oppenheimer
  • Rob Patterson
  • Rhonda Reinhart
  • Darryl Smyers
  • J.D. Sparks
  • Charissa N. Terranova
  • Luke Thompson
  • Jay Webb
  • Richie Whitt
  • Sander Wolf
  • Mikael Wood

Classified Department

  • Dan Hyer
  • Maddelyn Ryan
  • Pam D'Azzo
  • Cortney Berry
  • Ben Bright
  • Myriam Cruz
  • Melven Johnson
  • Matt Lanning
  • Marie Early
  • Andrea Sowles
  • Tim Martin
  • Warren Nash
  • Matt Powers
  • Jennifer Brown
  • Brad McCollum



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