In the World of Greyhawk campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, Daern is the Oeridian hero-deity of Defenses and Fortifications. Daern's holy symbol is a shield hanging from a parapet. Griffins are often associated with her.


Daern is depicted as a black-haired Oeridian woman with a plain face and strong blue eyes.



Daern's priests often advise military leaders on proper placement and construction of fortifications, castles, and keeps. Her priests are valued among rulers who wish to establish stronger borders. The priesthood favors the shortspear.


In her mortal life, Daern was responsible for the construction of a number of famous fortifications, including Castle Blazebane in Almor and Tarthax (currently known as Goldbolt) near Rel Deven. Some sources in the Great Kingdom imply that she was involved in the construction of the Imperial Palace at Rauxes, though this event occurred some time after her death (some time after the Battle of a Fortnight's Length in -110 CY), so few take this claim seriously.

Daern's Instant Fortress

Daern's Instant Fortress is a magic item that appears as a small metal cube. When its command word is spoken, the cube grows into a 30-foot tall tower instantly.


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