Daddies, a brand of ketchup and brown sauce in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.


The brown sauce product, known as Daddies Favourite, was launched in 1904, and the ketchup was launched in the 1950s. The brand is now owned by the H. J. Heinz Company, having been bought as part of the acquisition of HP Foods from previous owner Groupe Danone in 2005. Like HP Sauce, production of Daddies Favourite has been moved to the Netherlands.

Marketplace competition

While both brands remain solid competitors in the UK marketplace - with strong regional popularity in the Midlands, Wales and West Country - Daddies Ketchup trails the dominant marketing leader, the better known Heinz Ketchup.

Popular culture

In the Raymond Briggs book Father Christmas Goes On Holiday, a sequel to the author's Father Christmas, Father Christmas is very dissatisfied when he holidays in France and finds that he is unable to get Daddies Favourite Sauce and other similar products for his steak.

In the British sitcom "Chef!" Daddies Favourite Sauce was the secret ingredient that character Everton Stonehead used in his Caribbean style Jonnycakes (dumplings) in the episode "Rice and Peas."

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